Monday, September 30, 2013

September House


Well here we are at the end of September. I'm kinda crazy about the fall decorating but I do the apple & back to school theme in September. And then promptly on October first the pumpkins and Halloween decorations come out. Then November first comes turkeys and all of those 'give thanks' decorations.


So before Tuesday when we're filled to brim with pumpkins all over the place, here is a  bit of apple and back to school I do around the house.  Is it totally boring to walk around my apple house with me?  Seems to me it would be boring but my favorite posts are always home posts.  Not pinterest of course but real live kitchens and family rooms where real people live.  I get so inspired when Billie Jo opens up her door and lets us peek in.  One of these days I'm getting a holiday tree with seasonal ornaments!  :) 


My word "home" and next to it a little painting Abigail did on a mini canvas of our home.  Love! 



Autumn cookbooks, can you really ever have enough? 




Tiny bathroom shelf but yummy Cortland apple candle. 




In our entrance way.  One of my favorite places to change seasonally. 


There were apple sugar cookies here yesterday! 


And we went apple picking this weekend... so for dessert tonight.  And to celebrate Anna's first Art Quest (more on that later) 





I have a small collection of pins from my teaching days (and even from when I was little). I like to take the pins that would match the month and keep them here on this silver tray for the girls to wear to school.


And there you have it.  It all gets changed tomorrow.  It's one day away from pumpkin time! 


  1. I love your fall decorations. How cute are those placemats. This is my favorite time of year and I have so many decorations. I am still trying to find one more box of fall decorations in my garage.

  2. I. Love. This.

    Tara...your home is so beautiful, so charming, so inviting...

    I loved sharing every detail with you. : )

    I love the cookbooks around. Why oh why have I never thought of displaying mine?!

    But I think my most favorite of all is your collection of seasonal pins, and the way you share them with your daughters.

    Thanks for opening your door, Tara. If only I could really walk right in! : )

  3. beautiful september home!! my most favorite month ever!:)
    loved that sharpened pencils and all the apple lovliness!!
    so warm and cozy.
    and I agree with billie jo...wish we were popping over for a visit and some pie!:)
    have a happy day tara


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