Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On Time

I'm always on time
Except for when I'm not.
Like today. (okay so I wrote this last Friday)
I was late.
For something that was important.
Even after I had a bad dream that we missed it.
Even though I was organized the night before.
Even though I had backpacks, lunches, gym clothes, instruments, and the like in the car at the crack of dawn.
Even though I rushed.

We were late.


Maybe it's because I've had one little chicka home with me since the nurse called me on Wednesday.
And she didn't want to get out of bed; poor sick little girl.
Maybe it's just the way it is.
Maybe it's because daddy who is always there at these things or always there to help me when one is sick and the other has something, had an emergency at his school.
I think it's all of it put together.



But it made for a poor morning.
A frazzled morning.
A morning that should have been special.


And even though the pictures show a smile, there were tears in the bathroom after.
Because we were late.
And it was crowded.


Anna was officially initiated into the Safety Patrol at her school. She wrote an essay last year, was trained way back last spring, and worked hard this fall so far. For this moment.
Gee, why couldn't we have been on time?


We really were only a minute late, in fact, (as I pointed out to Anna later) two kids came after us.
We got to hear the speeches, from her teacher, the principal, and the police officer.
They were inspiring. And funny.


I let Abigail use my phone to take the name calling. I wish I had her record what the police officer spoke about.

(so really... don't press play here... I just put this video here so that Anna would have it.  It's like 30 names then Anna.)

I'm proud of Anna.
Every day after school she goes to a Kindergarten classroom. She entertains the children as they're waiting for their bus to be called.
She washes tables.
She does whatever the teacher needs her to do.

Mostly I'm proud of her for taking on a leadership role.
We still scratch our heads on this one.
Since we think we know her so well.
I guess there are things we're still learning about this ten year old daughter we adore.

But one thing I already knew is that
we shouldn't have been late.


  1. Tears after? Mine would have been teary eyed prior only to realize that after it was all okay. You know, even though we hate to have these things happen, they can truly teach us some great lessons. These lessons are what create our character :) Tell her congratulations!! Way to go!

  2. oh those mornings!!!:(
    but patty is right...looking back on them later as a "remember when..." will give them lessons to pull from. but that sure doesn't help in the moment right?
    so proud of anna.
    this is a big big deal.
    I have a lot of fond memories of that safety patrol badge!!:)
    have a happy day tara