Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Things (oherwise known as super boring post)

This week started with me all in control... just the way I like it.  Lists getting crossed off, making progress with a few things I've got going on with Photography, and now it's Wednesday.  Seems like all is out of control.  Abigail came home sick with a cold and suddenly the lists stopped.  She's 'cooking' for me in her play kitchen right now.  I just got asked if I want my soup with blueberries, strawberries, or a mixture.  Sometimes I like a little one home sick.  The lists can wait... they always do!  :) 

A few pictures from my phone lately. 

Digging out the fall clothes from when Anna was five years old for Abigail... each one has a memory!


Our grass withered and Scott just won't give up on it.


Why would you put your viola here after you practice?


When you can put it here like her little sister did


Abigail thinks in music I guess or has a song stuck in her head


Games on long car trips


Best viola teacher in the world


Today... I picked Abigail up at school... home sick


And the sound of her orchestra tuning... oh how I love that sound


  1. no way is this a boring post!!!:) I love it...probably cause most of mine are just like this!:) little bits of random thrown into a post..but we WILL forget these things ya know...someday!:)

    I am drowning in clothes...literally drowning. and I know that it's a good thing, a fortunate blessed thing, but so daunting to go through none the less. I keep putting it off cause the load to tackle is so overwhelming!!!:( not gonna get done on it's own...know I gotta jump right in!:)

    I will take a pic of some of the weird places riley leaves her clarinet...ugh!!!

    please do I get a video off my phone and onto youtube?!?!?!:)

    sorry that your sweetie is sick. she looks super cute in that fancy dress though, even from behind and wrapped in your arms!

    I see a heart in that front lawn...YOU???

    and love the music thoughts!

    have a happy day tara and hope Abigail feels better soon.

  2. Love the random moments in this post...that's what life is all about! Hope you have an amazing week end glad everyone is doing well!


  3. I had to tell Emily again yesterday that a clarinet costs 1200 dollars :) and that 7 year old brothers can make expensive mistakes...

  4. I loved this post....I feel like that is how most of mine are.

    Yes Nicolas leaves his trumpet around the house all the frustrating!


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