Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Sick

I got a call from the nurse on Wednesday.


And she was home with me the rest of the week.


You know I love it.


But of course I really don't want her to be sick.


I just love a little home with me.


She wore cozy pants, tutlenecks and sweaters.  We ate soup and munched on banana bread.  It was a good week for cooking and tidying.  A good week for cuddling and reading her books.

collage 8 9

It was not a good week for my to do list and a little thing called tarabakerphotography.  So this week I'm up til midnight and feeling a bit swamped.  Add in a Halloween costume that still needs to get sewn and we'll I'm doing my best to take deep breaths.


  1. Oh...I remember those calls fom the nurse. When that number showed up on my caller ID I would fall apart...

    But home with mommy and some TLC is just what your princess needed.

    Hope she feels better, my dear friend!

  2. only had a few of those calls in my day...but when that phone rings...your heaert leaps!:( poor little sweetie. but you are right, a few days home with you is what she really needs. and you too i'm guessing! those days of "forced" nesting do us good sometimes...right where it matters most!:)
    i know (by now!!) your angel is feeling all better.

    have a happy day tara