Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Want A Telephoto Lens

Nothing inspirational about this post. Sorry if you were here for some uplifting sappy talk about how I gush over my girls or love to decorate my house. Today I just want to put it out there for that I need a telephoto lens. For this

Yes, that's my daughter waaaaay up there holding the letter P

Okay, so a little background here. I love my daughters school; love love love love love my daughters school. (is there supposed to be an apostrophe in there? I mean the school is my daughters, as in apostrophe s but there are two daughters... anyway... who cares?) They have these character assemblies, school spirit assemblies through out the year. Parents don't go. It's really just for the kids. Buuuut I happened to be in the school that morning and Abigail's first grade teacher told me they were performing a song on stage during the assembly later that morning. And I happened to have my camera gear with me.

So later that morning I snuck back into school
(okay, I signed in and got the sticker thing)
but snuck into the auditorium to see Abigail holding the "P" and singing the song.

Best part? I stood right behind Anna's fifth grade class without Anna knowing I was there. Her perfect assembly behavior didn't surprise me at all.

It was her standing up for a better view of her sister on stage that gave me goosebumps. Watching her watch her sister with what looked like a prayer on her lips and concentration in her eyes.

 (They'd practiced all week at home...mostly because Abigail just couldn't get a handle of that
 B I N G O type song where you leave out a new letter each time and add a clap... still can't do it) Oh I loved watching that sister moment. (okay, so I sap a little in this post)

But back to what's important. I need a telephoto lens for moments like these. I rented one before Disney and lugged it around to get this picture.


But I really need it for the "P" holding moments like these.


Okay.. enough said.

Except to say that this is the tree right outside their school. Love!


Happy weekend y'all. We've got Friday indoor tennis, Scott running the half marathon on Saturday morning, Sunday morning teaching first graders in Religious Ed (ooooh still have to plan), Abigail's first Feis for Irish Step, and a date with my man on Monday. It'll be a good one this time! Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  1. :)
    wow...i'll never get that thunder mtn shot!!:) ha
    love the "P" (glad the mom of "W" didn't bother to sneak in!!:)) and the practice at home but especially that sister stand up moment. how cool you saw that. would have missed it all together if you weren't so daring:)

    enjoy all your weekend happenings! and if scott ever asks me what you want for Christmas i'll be sure to tell him:)

    have a happy day tara

  2. Oh.......that treeee!

    And your sweetie is precious up there.: )

  3. I have two zoom lenses. I was opposite of you though on vacay. I've lugged that back pack around way too many times on trips with all of my lenses, and found I'm not relaxing and taking it easy myself. So for our cruise, I purchased a super zoom lens (a bridge camera). It was a perfect solution. I love both of them for what they both offer. Hope you get your zoom :) Maybe for Christmas?

  4. Oh my, I'd love a telephoto lens too! What lenses do you typically use? Your pictures are always so, so beautiful!