Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend? What Weekend?


A quick look at Friday morning... it's the best when Daddy doesn't have to go into his school and instead has a meeting in the city.  "Here for breakfast... before school?"  They scream!




It was a whirl wind weekend packed with six mini photo shoot for Holiday Cards. Let me tell you.... by the end I was soooo tired. But happy to be home to do the 'regular' stuff like this... with this little one!

And see regular stuff like this..

collage 4 5

A bit of fall has to make it into every single weekend. And this weekend was all about the leaves!


I read in Yankee Magazine about "the perfect drive" up the Connecticut hills through Litchfield. I pour over Yankee Magazine and dream of all of the things I want us to go and do and see in it. If we do one of their little New England day trips in each bimonthly issue I'm happy. And the Connecticut hills just didn't fit in this weekend. But who need "the perfect fall drive" when you have this?


Oh wax, where have you been my whole life?!

 I mean really, took long walks for leaves, ended up at the girls school and found the prettiest leaves there,


melted the wax and dipped for hours.


I'm in love with waxing! What else can we wax? It was so much fun and the perfect fall craft for my girls to do.


Not to mention that it sure did spruce up my fall garlands on my mantles. (tomorrow for sure, I'll take pictures of my October house!)

We mailed some to my Aunt who lives in sunny Florida but who is a New Englander at heart.


We strung them in long garlands, and even pressed some flat to be the perfect book marks. Happy I tell you; this wax and these leaves and my girls made me happy!

collage 13 14

So Yankee Magazine, you have to do your 2014 October issue right her in our house.  My girls will take you on long walk with a basket and teach you what leaves are the perfect ones to wax.  Then we'll come back to my sunny kitchen and we'll show you how it's done.  Way better than any New England drive. 

collage 11 12


  1. Tara...we are sisters at heart. I just know it.

    Yankee is one of my most favorite magazines. Ever. Even way down here in Pennsylvania! : )

    You must submit those GORGEOUS pictures of your leaves!!!!!!

    Beautiful, my sweet talented friend!

  2. yeah for some wax and some leaves!:)
    can't wait to do ours...we are waiting on all that fall color though!:)
    glad you guys enjoyed it, they came out beautiful.
    have a happy day tara

  3. ps
    abigail's video was darling!!!:)

  4. We waxed leaves last year and it was so fun! Maybe we will have to try it again this fall.
    I just love all your beautiful pictures!


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