Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October Weekending

This week is busy.  No, I don't like that word but it is.  Yesterday I had a photo shoot with an 11 day old baby boy (really, is there nothing like feeling a newborn in your arms, ahh), tomorrow I have a photo shoot with a couple that has been married 50 years (now that will swell up your heart with good feelings too) and there's a bunch of editing in between there with those.  I'm finishing up an order from a photo shoot from this August and getting ready for a big Christmas Card five families in a row photo shoot coming up in a few weekends.  But after all of that I'm DONE! 

But there is lots of happy.  I mean it's October after all.  Such a beautiful month.  Gosh, I wish that time could stop right here in October for just a bit. 

This October we're enjoying

Lolipops when you have a sore throat and your first day home sick this school year

collage 1

A Fall Craft Fair Oh how the girls loved this.  They could care less that it was only the 'craft' part of a fair... no rides, no games, no loud noise.  Just booth after booth of crafts. 


And this one was their favorite.  The quilter was so sweet to them. 


Fall Outdoor Craft Fair Shopping  Anna picked out this purse from someone who knits.  Anna would love to knit... but her mom doesn't know how.  :) 

collage 4


Pony Rides  Well I guess there was one little 'ride'. 

collage 6

That's her, "mommy, I'm not so sure about this and am kinda mad that no one is walking with me" face. 


Faking a smile





And it kind of hit her after she got off the horse that it was scary after all. 


Family Time  This is my Aunt Carol that lives in California. 


And my Uncle Jay, my Dad's brother. 


It was so good to see my Uncle Jay and see him play the same games and do the same tricks with my girls that he did with me when I was Abigail's size and Abigail's age.  Made me cry.  And made me miss my Grandma because I can see her in his face. 


Yes, fall and family, and craft fairs are fun. Editing for a customer... not so much... but I won't ever forget how blessed I am to be home. Looking forward to more fall this weekend... and hey, it's a three day one!


  1. I so know what you mean about busy weeks, Tara! When I know my upcoming week has things makes me nervous and antsy. I hate knowing that I have to leave my schedule, my home, my happy place.

    But once I go, I know that I will return and all will be well.

    I share your love of home, my sweet friend.

    I would love to stroll through the craft festival with you! : )

  2. I love your October days. And what a fantastic photo of your uncle and father. A treasure for them, you created! You will do wonderful at your photo shoots.

  3. if I had a container of lollipops on the counter like that it would be GONE!!:) but oh how pretty!:)

    and that craft fair! oh how I love those! and I really want to know how to knit!! I mean really! I walk around the yarn section of michaels and tough it all! another thing for that someday list I guess. perfectly sweet purse anna picked. (and where did you get her dress? perfect big girl dress!)

    wow you are buys in the photo shoot dept. but that's great right!? did you forget about the one in IL next month?!?!:)

    have a happy day tara


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