Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tonight She Said

In her falling down, too big cupcake jammies she got right up close to my face, nose to nose and said,

"Mommy, we've known each other for one hundred thousand years

and fell in love the moment I saw your eyes."

I think she's right...


This fall season finds me in just a bit of a different place than usual. But I won't forget the little things they say, they do, or the real joy in my life. Like this...

* as I was walking into their school today to volunteer and have lunch in the cafeteria after with Abigail's class I saw Anna walking with her class to lunch. Her unsuspecting eyes lit up and we hugged. Love!
* we ate at we always do, together around our round kitchen able at six o'clock. Happiness!
* I had two girls (not so little anymore) in the tub together. Bliss!

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