Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Off The Beaten Path

Oh it was a good weekend.  Full of fall.  It was packed to the brim.  (which I'm not so good at) but there was so much of us outside and so much fall that it made up for the schedule.  This fall weekend we enjoyed

visiting a country store
scott running the marathon (relay style) with the kids from his school
teaching first grade religious education
baking banana bread
Abigail dancing in her first Irish Step Feis
finding a new walking path along a river
cuddling on the couch for It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
making and eating oven baked applesauce oatmeal
annnnnnd (drumroll please) dating my husband (so much more on that coming later)

I have pictures like crazy but I'm waaay behind on my clients pictures so just a few to share for now.

On the way home from Abigail's Irish Step Feis we spotted this bike and walking path. We jumped out of the car and just enjoyed nature. (I didn't do much walking around since I was still in heals from other parts of the day... but we will certainly go back with sneakers next time)

collage 1

And I certainly couldn't climb down to the Connecticut River in heals but it didn't stop them.


Reasons why I adore New England



And the way my little girl runs... oh six... I love you!




collage 8

Still wearing her skirt and shirt from the Feis... I couldn't have picked a better outfit if I planned it! 


Oh my little happy girl. 


Fall, won't you please slow down?


  1. Perfectly perfect, my friend.

    The leaves, the smiles, the family...perfect. : )

    And I adore New England too...wish I lived there!

    Happy day, my friend.

  2. sounds like we both had great weekends!:)
    oh those colors are beautiful. and you are right, the outfit was perfect.
    I love those little unexpected gifts nature can bring...and usually right when you need them the most.
    can't wait to see more.
    have a happy day tara


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