Friday, August 16, 2013

Adoption Day

Nine years ago today, on the other side of the world this happened. 

And today still I pinch myself that I get to be her mama. 


And that we're a family.


Tonight at prayer time Anna said, "Thank you God for making us a family."

collage 2

Oh how I love that.


  1. Tara, this video touched my heart...and I was dying watching you unable to find Anna. It was just like when I was ready to deliver Mary Catherine...after 11 years of infertility and losses we were finally going to meet our baby (we didn't know if she was a boy or girl). As I was being prepped for surgery (c-section), my OB nurse walked in and said, "I'm so sorry, we've got 2 emergency c-sections that just came in. We need to push your delivery back a couple of hours." I swear it seemed like a couple of days! Anyway, your family is so beautiful and Anna is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady!

    Congrats on your "Gotcha Day" anniversary!!!


  2. Tara...I cried tears of joy as I watched you and your husband's dream come true...the smiles on your faces express the true joy in your hearts.

    This was simply beautiful, my friend! What a happy day!

    And I must are stunningly beautiful!

  3. Oh my!!! Awesome!!! Happy forever family day!!!

  4. This post is beyond beautiful! It is so evident that she is such a joy and a huge blessing to your family!

  5. oh that video gets me every single time I see it!! WOW!!!
    what a beautiful family!
    so filled with love!!
    have a happy night tara

  6. Oh my I cried when I watched this...just beautiful!!
    What a blessed family you are.

  7. Tears! So amazing...and brought back my own memories in a flood of emotions. The wait seems FORever and the years we have them home just seem to fly, don't they? Happy adoption day!!


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