Sunday, August 25, 2013

Disney World (Day 8 through the little camera and phone videos)

There were a few times that I only had my little camera with me.  And so I'm not sure what day these were... just random Disney fun!

collage 1 2



The first time they've ever shared an 'ice cream like' treat!  (not allergic!!!!)


collage 6 12




You can tell we loved loved loved the pool!

collage 10 13

Way up there at the top of the volcano waiting to slide down the slide!


I did it too thinking it was an easy peasy kid slide.  Not so much... an in the pitch dark, super fast slide!  There's Anna and Scott waiting for me at the bottom. 

collage 16 17

Our last day we spent the morning shopping at Epcot (China).  She wrote her Chinese name on the fan Anna wanted. 




I adore Tom Sawyer Island!



And the funniest little video Scott took from his phone just as we were boarding Big Thunder Mountain.


  1. Love this, Tara! What a magical, wonderful time you all had! : )

  2. mama in a are my IDOL!! you look amazing!!!:)))
    and that water slide! I don't do water slides so well, not a big water girl, but I can imagine in that heat anyone is!:)
    great little camera shots! and am I missing the video?? I really wanted to see that!:)
    is this is?? is it really over??:(
    did you cry as you left??
    I did the last time we were there!
    all that magic!
    then back to reality!
    not that reality doesn't have it's own dose of magic, but you know what I mean!
    what a wonderful trip and I felt like I was right there!
    again...putting these pics in a big book? do tell!:)
    simply amazing!!
    I really need to call you cause i'm sounding like a real dork about now!:0
    have a happy day