Monday, August 19, 2013

Disney World (part 1)

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Music of course...

It feels like I've been gone from this cozy place and you friends for so long, months really.  But we're home.  Actually we were home late Tuesday night but I couldn't even turn on the computer until the mountains of laundry were all cleaned and put away.  But here I am now sitting at my desk in the playroom as my girls play "Disney Princesses" for hours behind me.  I wish you could hear it.  Snow White is late for school, Tinkerbell is in time out, and Cinderella can't decide what to wear to school.  Peter Pan fell out of love with Wendy and has crushed her heart.  Oh the drama these two behind me can create. 

I wonder how I can show you some of these photos.  It's overwhelming really.  I think I took over 100 each day.  Yikes, that's over 800 photos to weed through.  But I will because unless the trip is here it feels like it never happened.  And I wouldn't want that.  And really... to be overwhelmed with photos of Disney World... how bad is that really? 

I wonder when the magic begins with Disney.  Is it at the first sight of Cinderella's castle?  Or maybe it the Main Street Electrical Parade right in front of us.  Is it the fireworks or the Resort pool?  I suppose it's all magic. 

Mixed in with moments of intense heat and sweat, over tired girls, and weary parents.  All of it is magic even the hard parts. 

We had it all on this trip.  Lucky for us, all of the heat moments melted away and all we can seem to remember is the magic. 

And here it is... day one that is.

Soooo we were up by 3:15 and had the girls out the door and in the car by 4:15.  That was one early morning.  But they were sooooo excited! 

One of my favorite pictures from the entire trip.

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A snuggle at the airport.



While Anna read (of course) Abigail and I played paper doll fairies on the airplane.


collage 5 7

She fell asleep just as we were landing with Eore as a pillow.


The Disney Magical Express Bus to was super exciting they held hands the whole way.


We made it... and it's only 9:30 am!!!


Another weary traveler.

collage 10

The lobby at the Polynesian sure does make you feel grand!




We loved exploring the grounds of the Polynesian. And don't blink here... our one and only pictures of the four of us together from the whole trip.


See that castle in the background?


We had to swim right away in their volcano pool!



You all know kids love hotels. And this one was so amazing we should have just skipped the parks all together. Seriously... we could have flown down and just stayed put in the Polynesian!

But we brought them to the Magic Kingdom because we just had to have a little magic that first day. But this little kiddo was out before she even saw this.

Gotta love my triple fans.
collage 22 24

It was so hot that first day we took lots for cold water breaks.


And ice cream breaks too.


And whenever Anna got something "allergic" I had to concentrate on deep breaths because my heart broke for my littlest princess. Luckily we found these lollipops in the first store.

collage 27

Awake just in time for It's a Small World.


We had dinner that first night in the New Fantasy Land... Beasts Castle. And it was AMAZING!


Belle's Village in the background





collage 33 34

There are three places to dine in Beasts Castle; the West Wing, the Ballroom, and the Photo Gallery. Oh we were in the snow falling just outside the window, elegant ballroom. Cinderella's Castle... eat your heart out. This was spectacular!

collage 35 36


And after dinner the girls met Beast. This is their "character pose" for the entire trip. Abigail with a clenched fist, holding on to smiling Anna with all her might.


I still can't believe that we were awake but we hit some rides on the way out of the park. Love Anna's face on the new Voyage of the Little Mermaid.




Another new part of Fantasyland.



And after that we were asleep in seconds. Well, the girls were anyway. Scott and I were too excited to sleep in anticipation for the next days ahead! More to come!


  1. yeah for Disney part one and yeah that I get to be first!!:)

    oh my goodness this is taking me back! I think we have and love a lot of the same pics (although yours look much better!) I have one of the girls staring out the window at the airport and enjoying that Disney express bus ride!:)

    anyway...what a day! look at those smiles and LOOK at that hotel! and I so get what you mean about feeling like you could just stay in the hotels for a week. Disney sure knows how to do it right. we never stayed at the Polynesian, but we have walked around and had dinner there. stunning!!

    one of the things we can't wait to see is the new fantasyland! how magical. and dinner at the beasts castle was really that awesome huh?? oh man, we need a loooong convo on the phone before we make this trip again. you'll have to give this Floridian Disney advice and tips!:)

    I can't stop talking...can you tell i'm excited for you guys! CAN NOT wait to see more!!

    have a happy day tara

    wait till the girls see this post!:)

    that was a great shot of the magic kingdom sign...and out of the bus window no less! I can just hear the squeals of excitement when they saw that!!!!!:)


  2. Tara! I have been waiting for this! And it was worth the wait! I love it captured the magic that is Disneyworld perfectly...and then some.

    I feel as if I am experiencing this dream vacation with you all! I love the airport pictures...and The Magic Express? Can I just say that aside from meeting Cinderella, Flynn says that was her best part of the trip!

    Your family picture is beautiful!

    And thank you for sharing pictures of the new Fantasyland...I am off to show my kids now!

    Can't wait for Part Two, dear friend!

  3. Wow, Tara, what an amazing start to your vacation!!! I can't wait to see more. I had no idea there was even a "Fantasyland". We have yet to experience Disney ourselves...maybe we need to reconsider next year's Yellowstone Trip for Disney??? My kids will be 9, 7, and 3 next summer...

  4. Fantastic! I'll be back to see more :)


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