Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Disney World (part 2)

I sure do love looking at these pictures!  Scott and I planned this trip out to the minute.  We had a binder and kept taking notes in it once we booked the trip in January.  When we got closer we joined www.touringplans.com and made our daily itinerary.  When we followed the list we found that we walked on most rides without much more than a few minutes wait.  But it sure didn't change the heat!  :)  Enchanted Tales with Belle (music) is one of the new Fantasy land attractions.  And Disney didn't leave any details to chance.  We stepped into Belle's village and then her house. 





Before we met Belle they gave out storytelling parts to the young children.  They asked Abigail to play the part of the littlest teacup 'chip' but she silently shook her head and then said, "no thank you."  Oh, she would have been perfect at it! 

collage 4 6

Then we were escorted into Belle's library and she arrived.  She danced and sang and then had the children who wanted parts to come act out the story with her. 

The lighting in there was terrible for photos.  But it was nice and cool :)

After the performance was over all of the children skipped around the library singing and clapping after Belle (except for my girls who just sat there, ugh)  But after everyone was filing out Belle asked them to join her for a picture.  She pulled them up and gave them each a bookmark.  And let me take pictures.  (I think Belle could see in my face that I was disappointed my girls didn't skip and dance with Belle)

collage 8 9




On to the new Ariel's Grotto.  So beautiful and it really felt like we were walking under the sea.



Anna was so quiet that she whispered her name to Ariel and she signed her name "Hannah".  Looking at these pictures now I can see when Anna realized it.  We didn't know until we were out of there and she was in tears.  Sometimes I wish she was the kind of kid who would have just spoken up right here when she saw it.  Scott tried to go back through the line just to have her fix it.  But Anna was feeling embarrassed and wouldn't let him.  So she drew some bubbles over the H and all was well. 





Outside the circus

collage 19



Abigail's first roller coaster of the trip.  It was a little one but she loved it so much that they exited the ride and got right back in line! 


Love the daddy who will carry the water squirting fans and little girls who just can stand in line. 


So according to the master plan went back to the Polynesian every afternoon by lunchtime.  We took the super awesome monorail.  (the main reason I wanted to stay at the Polynesian is that I didn't want to board a bus every afternoon for our break.... because of the heat) We ate lunch at our hotel (thank you to MJ the allergy specialist there who had Abigail's food ready to go every day), swam and then tucked in bed for an afternoon nap (yes, all of us)  This is the refreshed Anna and Abigail headed back to the Magic Kingdom for late afternoon and evening.  We took the boat this time. 




collage 27 28

Perfect parade spot!  

Please excuse the my hair never saw a blowd ryer all week hair. 
collage 29



collage 32 33


Oh that parade face!


collage 36




We enjoyed some more rides and then dinner at Liberty Tree. 

After dinner it was my favorite part of the whole trip... the Main Street Electrical Parade!  Don't ya just get the chills when you hear that song?   




That's the magic of Disney face alright! 



Nighttime spectacular on the castle and fireworks!



And another wonderful day at Disney was done.  Already with enough memories of faces like these to last a lifetime. 


When we were walking back to the monorail I asked Anna if I could go when I'm a grandma and she goes with her family.  I told her I'd be a super helper and buy her kids lots of things.  She said, "of course mommy."  I'm counting on that Anna...


  1. The Parade Face = simply precious! And it sums up the reward for all the work, planning, worrying, and packing perfectly, Tara!

    Thanks again for the peek inside The New Fantasyland ... My kids are loving it!

    And you did exactly what we do! Go in the morning, return for an afternoon nap...all of us!...and go back in the evening refreshed and ready for more fun! In fact, I was going to suggest that plan to you before you went, but I didn't want to seem like a know-it-all! And also...something told me you would plan to do that anyway. After all we are Bloggu sisters! : )

  2. oh I love this day!! I can't wait to see the new fantasy land!! something tells me my pics wont be quite that beautiful though!!:)
    sorry about the mix-up with anna's name:( that's a bummer!
    I agree with billie jo, those parade faces!! and you dressed so cute in that heat!!:) and of course you coordinated beautifully with the girls!:))
    we love the boat ride and usually stay on that side so we can ride the boat a LOT! although dave wants to stay at the contemporary sometime to watch the fireworks from the roof top!:)
    I wanna go now!!!
    have a happy day tara