Friday, August 23, 2013

Disney World (Day 6)

Animal Kingdom... it was too hot to take my camera out more than a few times.  It was actually soooo hot that day that I just couldn't get the girls out of an air conditioned bathroom at the animal kingdom.  (yes, really)  We did that park quickly just hitting a few favorites and than as quick as we could we escaped the heat. 

I know that the Animal Kingdom has a whole lot more to offer than we could handle with it so hot.  How I wish I could go back and do that park again in January! 

So instead of complaining to Scott that we need to do that park again in the winter because we couldn't endure the heat and do the dinoland part which Abigail would have LOVED.  But even she took one look at it and said, "no thank you." 

Seriously Disney, it's your newest park and out of ALL of them there's no shade and barely any air conditioning.  In the Magic Kingdom you can escape to anywhere to get out of the heat.  All of the counter services at Magic Kingdom and at Epcot have seating in the freezing air condionding. And "Main Street" is lined with stores that are kept at about 40 degrees with the doors wide open cooling off all of Florida.  Animal Kingdom, not at all.  But by the looks of these few pictures we DID have a good time.  So here's what I did like about this part mid August. 

*Oh the animals.  Especially the mamas and their babies of course.


collage 2

collage 3



My favorite because she's watching over her. 
collage 6







collage 14

*The Lion King Show

collage 16

*A girl who will smile even when it's 100 degrees out


There's her 'maybe if I smile quickly we'll be done with this' picture.
collage 17

*Oh and I loved the Allergy Center.  It's just a trial right now and only at Animal Kingdom but it's a little area that will help parents choose food from the restaurants, and it also sells allergy free snacks. 

Oops, apparently Scott didn't get the memo on wearing earthy colors to the Animal Kingdom.  Now that I think of it I think he wore this earthy outfit to the Magic Kingdom... yes, I'm like that
collage 20 21

collage 22

*A Bug's Life that sure had Anna jumpin

*Back at the Polynesian and ready for dinner at Ohana

collage 23

collage 24 25



It was a delicious day!


  1. I love the girls' outfits, Tara! And the picture of you is beautiful! You captured the joy of this magical trip in each and every photo! : )

  2. you're right...animal kingdom is soooo HOT!! but those few fun places to escape the heat like lion king and the tree of life are so much fun!
    your animal shots are gorgeous! the mamas and babies are always our favorites too!
    you look pretty cool and happy in that shot!:) beautiful!!
    have a happy day tara


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