Monday, August 26, 2013


I love Connecticut!

Celebrating Anna's adoption Day last week.  She chose a family picnic.  Doesn't surprise me.  Just tonight when I asked her what she'd like to do for her last day of summer she was quick to say, "a picnic at lunch time." 


Disney World is great.  Disney World is a wonderful place to make memories.  But so is this park just a half mile from our house. And it's beautiful.

We picnic on a little "clearing" in the woods.  A pink quilt is just the special touch we need. 


We walk to their little "island".  Only big enough for one of them at a time.


"Watch your head on that branch Abigail"

I watch as Daddy helps them jump on and off their island.  I'm quiet and just take it all in.  - Childhood.  Childhood memories; our little family making memories right here just a half mile from our house.  Right here in New England. 



That face... or was it a song and dance? I can't remember.

Oh Abigail.  You are such a joy!



It seems simple really.  Savor these days.   We tell each other all the time that we're living in the days that we'll look back and cherish.  What a gift it is to know that right here in the here and now. 

collage 6



So summer winds down.  And school is just a day away.  I closed Anna's door tonight and she whispered through it, "happy almost last day of summer." 

Oh my how I love this girl!

And what a summer it was.  Right here in our house.  Just a half mile up the street at the park, At Disney and Boston.  It was filled with wonderful, happy memories.  And I am thankful. 



  1. ok...we both must be in those kind of "moods" cause now you got me all teary!!!:( :)

    your last day of summer...sigh...what really stinks is that day for us feels like forever ago really. and it really wasn't. but once all those school time routines fall into place and we start "driving that bus" like we have to, no more fun crazy mom!
    :( ha! which is really so sad!:(

    geesh....what is wrong with me, snap out of it cindy! :) you still have today and I know, I KNOW you will make the most of it. even if it's "just" at the park down the street or the pool, or your own back yard. you will look into their eyes a ton and touch them and hold them and squeeze them and have the best day ever!

    here's to the last summer day!
    make it the best!

    have a happy day tara

    you were soooo awesome getting all of your Disney posts done before school started!:) remember how long Colorado took me?!?!:) can't wait to dive into every one.

  2. PPS
    and I LOVE their little island. and Abigail...oh she is so janey!:)

  3. So beautiful, Tara...both in pictures and in words. Yes Disney is indeed magical, but it ain't got nothing on the magic created in your own backyard!

    Thinking of you dear friend, as you all transition back to school days and nights. : )

  4. Thank you for the snapshot into your little neck of the woods. New England is beautiful indeed! Hope the transition to school goes smoothly!

  5. Love everything about this post! As you can see I'm trying to catch up on whats been happening. I've missed visiting I've been so busy! Glad all is well.



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