Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning

"The Sunshine Seemed To Bless,
The Air Was A Caress." 
(John Greenleaf Whittier)

Music first of course... (I love Frances England... don't tell Raffi)

Ahh... we spring cleaned this weekend.  And oh boy do I love living in a freshly deep cleaned house.  It was a lot of work but I had a ton of help. 


Scott is the master at windows.  Inside and out and vacuuming the sills till they shine. 


My whole house feels new. 

All the curtains that could came down, were washed, and hung to dry.  The baby dresses that hang on my girls shelves came down and were washed too.  Oh that clean laundry smell.  There's nothing like it! 

Under the beds, in the closets, floors were scrubbed and carpets cleaned. 

Even though it's me that insists on a full spring clean they all eventually say things thoroughout the day like, "it just feels cleaner in here."  "oh mommy I love the way my room feels." 

I don't have a super fancy system.  We just always start in the top corner room, Anna's,  and dig in deep.  I also keep a list; one page per room of the parts of the room that were spring cleaned and those that just didn't get done so that we could move on to another room (and have it still be the season of spring).  That way it doesn't bother me if I don't get to a few things per room.  I just know that when fall cleaning comes along I'll start where I left off.  I guess part of the list is for me too.  I like to see on paper what we accomplished. 


To celebrate we headed to our local garden shop and came home with pansies to plant.  They certainly cheer up our front steps. 


flowers 2

Oh I love spring! 



  1. Tara...I am giddy just reading this! I LOVE the feeling of a freshly scrubbed house too! We must be somehow separated at birth because I do the same system...pencil and better way.

    We did the same Saturay, and my kids said the same...they loved how their rooms felt and smelled...I just wanted to do a happy dance when we were done. Sadly, I was way too tired! So happy you are all done too, my friend. Enjoy that sparkling clean house! It looks beautiful.

  2. Hoping to get mine done soon, haven't been feeling up to it lately, but I do love a fresh clean home! That is wonderful that everyone pitches in! ;-)


  3. love spring cleaning!!
    love your lists too and what a perfect way to keep track of it all without obsessing about the things left unfinished. you'll get em next time:)
    have a happy day tara


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