Monday, April 8, 2013


a song I love today  we are better together  (all of us)

this weekend....
checking abigail's temperature
changing our plans
staying in
except for my dad's musical tom sawyer
picking up a thousand tissues off the floor
checking her fever again
cleaning but just a bit
saying goodbye to daddy who's in boston for the first two days of this week
listening to her read me "Danny and the Dinosaur" (very slowly) love that!
watching Peter Rabbit (have you seen that new adorable show in Nick... in love with it)
watching Little Bear (always my favorite)
checking her temperature
snuggling in bed with her
pushing the fluids
more meds
and friday anna had a lunch date with me
dealing with friendship issues (yuck!) so she made herself that little encouragement poster (all the things we've telling her to help)


So today Abigail is of course home with me. We went to the doctor and then to Panera. Abigail is not allergic to their baguettes and I love their salads. So we brought it home, sat in the sunny seat at our kitchen table and soaked in being together. What a treat I tell you! I just texted Scott "I'm meant to have a little home with me..." I could do this forever.

so today we read books
did puzzles
listened to music
made dinner
did a little laundry
and then we'll go pick up Anna
do a little homework
and since the President will be less than a half mile from my house tonight speaking at Univ of Hartford and all of the roads will be blocked we'll just stay in. But of course he's welcome to come on over for homemade soup and bread :)

happy monday


  1. Hello Tara! Sorry your little one was not feeling well...hope she is on the mend soon...or at least well enough to enjoy one more rest up day with Mommy and Little Bear. : )

    I just love how you love your life, Tara! And sorry about sweet Anna and the friend trouble. Ugh...this about when it starts. I wish I could tell you it gets easier, friend...but this is the age it gets all yucky with some girls. She is blessed with super parents and a loving sister to help her through!

    Happy Monday!!!

  2. sorry abigail was sick, but i know a day home with mommy made it all better!:)
    and i just LOVE that collage!! (where did you make that one?) anna's painting is beautiful and yeah for that classic "car seat lunch date shot!!":) i am hoping if our weather cooperates we will actually get OUT of the car today!:)
    yeah panera...their take out (or even eating in) makes all things better!:)
    and yes...we could do this for ever couldn't we!:)
    have a happy day tara