Friday, April 19, 2013

Dance Recital... Irish Style

Abigail's Irish Step Recital was last weekend and what a hoot is was!  I'd never seen anything quite like it before.  Anna took a few years of ballet and I certainly knew what to expect from a ballet recital... squished in your auditorium seats, balancing flowers on your lap, dances that go on and on and on.  And so I thought that this would be at least similar.  Boy was I wrong.

But before I get to all that I have to share some photos of my little Irish Stepper at home before the big night.  I had her hair done because I was nervous to curl it all up in ringlets myself.  She loved it and was oh so brave in the chair. 


collage 2

collage 3



collage 6

I was super excited about this night. I had everything ready ahead of time and right at the "let's get in the car" last minute I was pouring her elecare (her medical drink) in her thermos and it didn't just spill, it burst over the entire kitchen. Through my dress, soaking me to the skin, dripping off the ends of my hair, and filling my heals, splattering down the windows and dripping off the ceiling.   I was crying and it was awful. I had to take a one second shower, pick a new dress, etc and get in the car in about one minute. And I'm not the one minute kind of get ready girl. I need some time at least. Ugh.. what a start!  I knew as the tears were pouring down and I was rushing to get ready (as everyone was waiting in the car) that it wasn't important but I sure was mad! 

Luckily, by the time we got there and walked in I had forgotten all that had happened back home just minutes before.  Abigail was too excited and too happy to keep me upset.   The moment she walked in the hall she started Irish steppin away!  Too cute. 

Lined up and ready for a last practice.

collage 7

My parents were there which made Abigail so happy.


And here's the "hoot" part. When other families started coming in the hall they wheeled coolers, brought in hot hordorves, wine and beer. They lit candles at their tables and I had no idea that this dance recital was a party! So Scott ran to Whole Foods and got our family table some yummy food. Now it was a party!

The entire Irish Step school just before.

collage 9

Abigail playing hand clapping games back stage.


Hugs after her performance



And just when I thought that the food at a dance recital wasn't party enough an Irish band started playing and the dance floor filled. Oh what a night. Dancing after a dance recital. The Irish sure do know how to do it right!



(love her little hand in my Dad's here dancing together)

Party girl took off her Irish Step socks.

collage 16 17

Abagail who is promptly in bed by 7:30 danced the night away until 10:30 with her Grandpa, Grandma, sister, Daddy, and me! What a happy memory!



  1. WOW and who knew!!:) but what a wonderful and happy surprise to discover together.
    sorry about the last minute stress...seems like you pulled it off like a champ.
    abigail looks so very, very happy in these pics.
    have a happy day tara

    glad anna liked her letter. that will make riley very happy. she sat at my desk and worked on it while we were finishing up harry can tell she had a looooot of time to work on that letter!:)

  2. That is hysterical...the partying bit! And I love how your hubs promptly headed out to get some supplies :) Little one looked so adorable with her fancy her and sweet outfit. What fun!

  3. Hi Tara!

    I just had to stop by and say hello when I saw the title of this post. I learned how to Irish Step when I was a kid. I attended a little Irish Catholic grade school in St. Louis. Our teachers were nuns from Ireland and they taught us how to dance in full habit! Those are some of my best memories ever. Of course, we had nothing so fancy as what your daughter's school wigs, no fancy costumes, just simple leotards with homemade skirts and plain black ballet slippers! The school still puts on its annual St. Patrick's Day festival where the Catholic school boys serenade and the girls step while patrons eat corned beef and cabbage in the basement. Good times, good times!


  4. I love this, Tara! Minus the last minute mishap, which I am certain you dealt with way better that I would have! How fun! Everyone looks so very happy, and I LOVE the little stepper's hair like that! Have a nice weekend, friend!