Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leading Up

"Put all your eggs in one basket... and WATCH THAT BASKET" Mark Twian

It was a wonderful Easter weekend. And because I just don't want to forget a single event (and want to be able to look back to remember) I have to start way back here!


On Thursday night we had our dear friends over. Anna is special friends with their nine year old daughter and Abigail super friends with their five year old daughter. We are a perfect match... in more ways than one... and we adore their happy company.

The kids eat together in the kitchen




while we eat in the dining room. I love to listen in on their cute conversations. There is always a lot of happiness in our house when this family comes over!

3 collage

On Friday morning Anna and I headed to a friends house. It was a dumpling and spring roll making playdate... and I was invited!!! Since Anna has been friends with these friends (who I love for her) I've always said to the moms that they need to teach me how to make real Chinese food. So I was thrilled that I got to join Anna and learn along side her.


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With their broken English it was difficult to understand all of what I was taught but I did the best I could taking notes like crazy and taking pictures to remember how to fold those little things.


Making these myself at home will require an adventure trip to the Asian grocery store looking for vegetables that I'd never heard of but I can't wait to try.


And let me tell you that when it was time to dig in I'd never tasted anything like these. Now I know why they'd never ever go to a Chinese restaurant here in the US.

(yes, that's my girl... the only one using a fork... these girls have only used chop sticks since they were babies...I've got to get a few pair to leave out in our silverware drawer for Anna to use whenever she wants) 


They had such a fresh taste that brought me right back to eating in China all of those years ago...


And then home to dye eggs with our little family. Abigail was batteling a bad head cold and a fever so we took it easy and just stuck with the colored eggs... no fancy paint out this year! But I loved our simple colorful eggs.


2 collage





And then it was all cooking and baking in our house. While the girls spent the rest of the day playing Scott helped me out in the kitchen getting ready for the next day!


  1. Tara...what wonderful friends you and your girls have!!! And how special you make everything for them...your attention to detail is amazing!!! I just know we would be right there decorating eggs with you if we lived closer!!! : )

    And love your new header!!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures from your week Tara.
    The dinner you made with your friends looks amazing.

  3. i love that opening quote!:)
    i love those silly giggly pictures of the girls and their friends, cause i have heard those very same souunds here. i just love girls!!!:) so lucky that you have that family to love on.
    and wow! i don't thihk i'd ever go out for chinese if i (or dave) could cook like that!!:) love that you got to do this.
    your egg coloring pics looks so pretty and white and bright and etc!:) i thought of you as i looked at my yellowed brownish ones with no natural light...think adding a BIG window in the kitchen as well as painting the cabinets white would help!!:) or maybe i should just check the white balance?!?! that might be easier huh?
    love them all tara.
    happy belated Easter!!

    loving the header too. look at you, two new headers in about a month now right?? you're on a roll. where are you making them?


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