Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home Again

Last night I knew she had a fever before putting her to bed and she was complaining about ear pain.  So I started her on her antibiotic that the doctor had me waiting on for a few days hoping that it would clear up on its own.  But she always seems to get an ear infection with a lingering cold.  And boy did she! 


She was up all night only sleeping in 15 minute intervals and crying in pain the rest.  The pain reliever didn't do a thing and the antibiotic as we all know will take days and days.  So there was nothing I could do.  Just hold her sing to her in the night. 

I thought she'd sleep for hours today.  She tried but it wasn't until I said, "you don't have to fall asleep; just hold your friends and listen to Raffi" that she was out... oh how I wish it wasn't 30 minutes until I have to pick her up and leave to go get Anna. 



  1. Oh sorry Tara...those earaches are the worst...When the pain meds don't work and the anti biotic takes is sooo hard to watch them in pain! Prayers and hugs!!!

  2. poor baby!!
    we haven't had many earaches in our house...i think aubrey might have been the only one with more then 2-3. the bummer is how much it hurts to lay down. hoping today she is feeling up to a little painting or playdoh in that sunny spot in your kitchen!!:)
    thinking of your both today tara