Monday, April 29, 2013


Pick up the camera, pick up the camera, pick up the camera.  I just don't do that enough on the weekends.  It was a good one filled to brim though and not too much breathing space really.  But tis the season, end of April through June is like that here.  But I wake up with a smile across my face because I love what I do! 

The girls had their last indoor tennis lesson for the school year.  Tennis in the summer starting at the end of June is outside!  There was Anna's art school, Abigail's group viola class, a sick husband, a trip to the fabric store for new curtains but I'll be buying them (it's actually less expensive than making them), last church school teaching Anna's class, Mass, daddy in a tennis match, so the girls and I headed to the park to peek at the tulips, (oh I did bring my camera there... those pictures maybe tomorrow) playing outside, an early bath, pancakes for dinner, and creating Abigail's birthday invitations.... phew!  we pack a lot into the weekend!  Good thing I don't think about it too much or I'd be overwhelmed. 

Last Thursday night I sat down with the girls and had them write out their weekend goals.  Just some stuff that seems like it's Sunday night and they just didn't get to.  They did such a great job deciding how long they'd practice the viola each day, Anna how much she'd do on her NYC project, and Abigail reading little books to me.  I taught them how to break up their goals into little chunks and how to work them into a weekend day that can just seem to be filled with too much fun to stop and get a few responsibilities done.  Darn, I wish I had a picture of their little goals but I forgot to take one.  Pick up the camera!!!  We made Abigail write an eating goal too.  She wrote "eat an apple"  and she did... amazing I tell you!  Writing things down is the key! 

And with the temps in the 70's we had our first 'should have worn sock and sneakers outside' battle.  Remember this post with my thing about clean floors and dirty children's feet?  Well Anna who should know by know but hopes I'll change every spring/summer wore her flip flops outside to play in our still a bit muddy back yard.  When she walked in with her head hanging low like a naughty puppy I knew just what to pull out for those filthy feet.  I should have invented this one girls!  Darn!  so with a few swipes she was allowed back in the house.  :) 


Sorry about the lack of pictures but I know I'll be picking up my camera tonight cuz guess where we're headed???? And on a Monday of all nights... ohhh it feels good to do something so different!!!!  We're going to Raffi!!!  I get chills as I type that.  I hope I don't embarrass my girls too much as I cry my way through the concert.  His songs just symbolize my stay at home days that I treasure so much.  This weekend we were watching baby movies (just raw footage of when they were babies) and as I was filming Abigail eating a muffin in the kitchen and teaching her how to say the word delicious I heard Raffi in the background.  It's magic I tell you.  And I CAN'T WAIT!!!  Gotta run... so much to do before I pick up the girls, cross my fingers daddy gets home on time, and we're off!   


  1. Hope you are having a wonderful time!!!! Pictures, please! : )

  2. ok, I really want/need those!!!!!
    dirty feet drive me batty!!!!!
    have a happy day tara

  3. did my comment not post? or did you delete it for fear of Anna reading it : ) In case it didn't post... Anna, you can wear your flip flops at aunt Cindy's house any time... even in the winter!!!