Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Disclaimer:  I get it wrong every. single. time!  That is which camera to bring with me.  I was thinking I would be an easy wife, not too high matience on this outing.  Without my big camera and lenses I'd be able to enjoy more, help more with the girls, etc, etc, etc.  When I put the little purse camera in my bag I thought I was so smart because we'd be walking around the city looking for a place for dinner, maybe with umbrellas, and I just wanted to go light.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  We found a cute place to eat just steps from the parking garage and the theatre, and when I walked into the theatre and saw our closer than close seats I was kicking myself for not brining the big one.  Oh well, I get it wrong all the time.  There are times I've dragged along the big one and been sweating hot, killing my shoulder, and never really even took it out of the bag.  Next time Raffi I'm bring the big lens!  So there you go... these picture are awful... just thought I'd let you know!




Found an awesome pizza place


My brave EE girl who had to eat mom's cooking from home.


Back to Raffi....

He walked on stage, strummed one chord on his guitar and the tears (happy ones) started falling.  I knew that's the way it would go.  He's pure childhood magic.  His songs sum up my feelings about these past nine years home.  I can't hear one song without a flood of memories washing over me. 



All I can say is that it was sooooo good to hear his crisp, clear, soothing voice real and right in front of me. 



We cuddled to "Baby Dear"  We danced to "Shake your Sillies Out"  and we belted out "Baby Beluga". 


The concert could have gone on all night and not been long enough for me.  I will never outgrow Raffi.  I asked Scott what I was going to listen to all those years between their childhood and grandchildren?  And he just looked at me and rolled his eyes with a smile.  (I'm sure he was thinking teach Kindergarten)

I can honestly say that I'm grateful to this singer/songwriter for his love of children, gift of music, and for spending his lifetime putting those two together.  It was a good night. 




  1. yeah...i'm first! I was waiting all day for this post!!!:)
    oh how I wish we could have all been there with you (and at that pizza place too, YUM!) he is childhood in a song for us too! and I would have been crying there right along with you!!
    so glad you guys had such a magical night.
    have a happy day tara

    we aren't going to be able to make it to the concert like I was hoping... riley has a big soccer tournament and if I just took jane and aub I would have to drive into Chicago all by myself. plus it really wouldn't be the same without all of us there.:( still super sad though!!:(((

  2. Tara....I love this! Was waiting for it too...And it was just as sweet as I knew it would be. I am so happy for you all and wish we could have joined you. And that pizza....oh my! Take those wondeful memories and tuck them into that special place in your heart, dear friend...you can pull them out anytime you need a smile... : )

  3. Hi Tara ..

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  5. How fun Tara! I know my Juliana would have loved to have gone.
    Your pizza looks wonderful!

  6. it is me again....I wanted to tell you thank you for leaving comments on my blog...I am not able to respond to the comments you leave.

  7. I am sure you had a wonderful time!