Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anna... A Photo shoot


Sometimes I do a photo shoot just so I can make Anna feel better about the way she looks. 
Although there are a good number of asian children in her school, and she knows many, many children who were adopted and now are living in a multiracial family  (wow... that's us... so cool... I love it... anyway...) she still doubts that she's pretty.  I guess that all girls feel that way on certain days but with Anna I want to be extra sensitive about how her looks make her feel.  So I drive her over a half hour every so often for a trim (usually only twice a year) with an amazing hair stylist.  Sure I pay a little extra than the 'cost cutters' chain place up the street but it's so worth it when she walks out and says to me, "maybe my hair really is pretty."  Notice the "maybe" in there... I still haven't convinced her that she's oh so beautiful and all I ever wanted in a baby when she came home to us.  But the pretty trim helps. 


She's certain that her nose is too flat and that her mouth looks funny.  She's surrounded by a Mom, a Dad, a little sister, grandparents, and cousins who look nothing like her.  (Hey, I hate my nose by the way Anna)  She knows and hears from me all the time that she's the beautiful one.  But she doesn't always buy it. 


But somehow when the camera is on her, just her, and not her little sister she feels different.


If just for a moment she feels pretty. 

collage 2

I show her the pictures later and she giggles and runs away. 

And then I tell her the only thing that really matters... the only thing she really needs to hear from me; and hear it over and over and over...

Anna, you were created in God's image.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  The angels rejoiced when they saw what God created.  We are blessed, mommy, daddy, and Abigail, we are so blessed that we get to view His creation each and every day.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:14-15, Phil 1:6



  1. Oh Anna...You are so beautiful!! I love love love your hair!!! I love all the pictures, and the last one is my favorite. Please tell your mommy that she did a great job. But then again, how could she not, with you as the model?! Have a nice evening, Anna! : )

  2. I love everything about her. And she's just GORGEOUS!!!!
    Are her cheeks so naturally rosy?! Wow, love that!!!
    These are all so beautiful, you did great mama. I hope she likes them and that they help her to see her beauty.
    Her hair is amazing!!!

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