Monday, August 8, 2011

Mini Photoshoot

My girls are always game for a mini photoshoot.  They know mommy always has her camera out. 

Westmoor Park Anna

They should have known that they were in for a bit of "turn your head a little more toward me."  "Lift you chin just a tad."  "Make your sister laugh."  ...... when I took my reflector and camera gear to our "let's take a walk at a park." 

blog Westmoor Park Abigail looking up sun

I love to practice and they are so good to let me. 

blog Westmoor Park Anna serious portrait

blog Abigail looking away

blog Westmoor park Anna

Until the gross humidity make the bugs come in swarms.  Anna got two on her face alone.  So these were only done in a few minutes before we dashed to the car!

blog Westmoor Park Abigail running

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