Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Stack

summer stack 1

summer stack 2

Summer Stack... that's what we called it!  Each Friday we went to the library this summer to stack up on (mostly Anna's ) summer stack!  It all started with our Friday Field Trips.  We'd have to go to pick up our museum passes and we'd get books.  It was so motivating for Anna because she'd want to read each one before we returned it the next Friday.  And she devoured books this summer.  What a difference from last year!  My favorite was the memory of going into her room late at night and seeing her reading over in the corner of the room using her nightlight to see the pages.  This was long after her light was turned out for the night.  Gotta love that! 

Wish I took a picture of what she's in the middle of reading right now. With Mommy, the entire Little House of the Prairie series and with Daddy, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

Her favorite author right now is Grace Lin and we couldn't be happier since her books are charming and filled with pride for Chinese culture!

If I took a picture of Abigial's summer reading stack it would consist of all "little golden books". We've got quite a collection and she loves to pretend read them aloud. I love to say to her, "Abigail, read mommy a book while I fold this laundry." And she says, "sure mommy, which one do you want?" I love to listen to her "read"!

Here she is in the library... (sorry, not a great shot)


And right next to the library is a Chinese Tea House. Scott and I stopped in for a cup of tea to go (not coffee drinkers at all) and they gave Anna and Abigail yummy gummy bear tea. She loved it!

tea 2

tea 1

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