Friday, August 26, 2011

How we feel about Summer

Recently I asked Anna (who can put into words better than Abigail) what she likes best about summer and she sighed and said,
the pool
playing with Abigail
playing in the back yard
reading in my room
friday field trips
our nights together

Everything she mentioned was about TIME TOGETHER.    And I couldn't agree more!  Every day, every minute together.  Ahh...

I'll have you know that every minute, every day together wasn't always easy.  There were sister arguments after they had played together for a long time.  There was too much, "can we watch a movie?" before I even turned the car on.  There were dinners I had spent a long time preparing that they didn't like. 

But we were together and I love the memories that it gave them.  And me too.  I'll remember our silly summer field trips, even the "duds" were great fun!  I'll remember hours and hours at the pool.  I'll remember and wish I could bottle up the sound of sisters playing TOGETHER in their imaginative worlds for hours on end.  I'll  remember TIME, simple TIME together.  I am so grateful each day for this 'stay at home' life I have with my girls.  Although it's not every minute easy, it's glorious and TIME I'll never get back. 

Thank you summer, you were awesome.  I plan on loving the last 6 days too! 

pool evening 4

Yeah, that's pretty much how we all felt about summer!

pool evening 6

pool evening 7

And this is Abigail watching her sister jump into the pool (not following the 'jump in the pool when you're 4 rules')

pool evening 3

pool evening 2

pool evening 5

Yeah summer, we loved you

pool evening 1


  1. so cute.... :)we loved summer too...

  2. Loved those jumpin in shots!!
    I'm partial to pool pictures about now!!
    summer is over....boohoo!!!:(


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