Thursday, August 11, 2011


Just a few things that have been happening around here that I don't want to forget. 

We love making fudge pops with the Zuko pop maker. If you have the zuko and have just been pouring juice in it for pops you're really missing out. They cam out with an amazing cookbook for pops and it's so much fun to make delicious treats in minutes. There are also recipes for healthy ones. (Anna love the banana one) Unfortunately, now that Abigail has tasted her first fudge pop there's no other one for her. I was able to alter it for her EE. I'm so happy when she can have a summertime treat!

Abigail pouring

Anna taking out pop

Anna fudge pop upclose

Abigail fudge pop eyes

We went to Grandpa's annual summer musical. This year it was 101 Dalmatians. It was a few weeks ago and just tonight Abigail was walking around on all fours with a homemade spotted (ribbon) tale tucked into her shorts. Lot's of fun!

grandpa and girls

July 4th... now that was a while ago!

7-4-11 July 4 Anna Emily pool

7-4-11 July 4 family pic

7-4-11 July 4 Elia and Trent

Just playing outside. Best friends!

7-16-11 outside

7-16-11 outside

7-15-11 outside

Abigail's first year taking swimming lessons. I love how she puts her face in the water.

blog Abigail bubbles upclose

blog Abigail bubbles

Summer is going by way too quickly. Slow down summer, slow down!

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  1. Our friends have one of those popsicle machines, they are so fun! Love the fudgy touch!!:)
    great memories captured!
    have a happy day


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