Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Music Man ~ the dress rehearsal

A little history to the great musical The Music Man

It was written by Meredith Willson and became a Broadway hit in 1957 (right after my house was built by the way) It won 5 Tonys including 'Best Musical' and ran for 1,375 performances.  A huge hit!

The shows success led to many revivals including a long running 2000 revival on Broadway.

And of course this movie in 1962.  I love this movie.

The story takes place in 1912 in a small Iowa town.  It has big musical numbers, a love story, and lots of old fashioned costumes.  Just lovely.  My kind of musical.

Of course my favorite production is the one my father directed this summer with Abigail as Amaryllis.

The dress rehearsal was last Wednesday.

So here we are in 1912.  Amaryllis is playing the piano at her lesson during a scene between the Irish mother and her grown up daughter.  She's not married yet, the town librarian.  And Harrold Hill is in town.  So they sing about that.



When Winthrop walks in he gives his mother and grown sister (Marian) a kiss on the cheek. Amaryllis wants one as well but shy Winthrop just walks by.


Later in that scene Marian sings to Amaryllis 'Goodnight my Someone' and Abigail joins in at the end.


That high C Abigail has to hit in harmony is sure hard but she nailed it!

Abigail loved being in that scene but even more the big dance numbers. Like this one!



It was marvelous dress rehearsal. I'll share more soon!!!

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  1. Oh my how this brings back my memories from a few years ago. My sister was Marian in our school's production of The Music Man! I loved that play so much and am looking forward to seeing more about your dad's production of it.


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