Sunday, July 23, 2017

Where I've Been

Tuesday? My last blog post says Tuesday? Oh for Heavens sake, really? Where did the days go?

I know....

They went to an amazing Musical called Music Man that I am sad to say is over. Don't get me wrong. I love the rest of summer (and there is oh so much left) sprawled out in front of me. But I get sad when things end.

Especially when it's a sweet memory of my daughter on stage; eyes gleaming. Especially when it's with my Dad.

But I've learned how to handle these feelings. Instead of thinking over and over, "she'll never be Amaryllis on stage again." I think, "she GOT to be Amaryllis on stage".

And then we move forward. To many, many, many sweet days of summer all lined up in front of us. Like a big present to open. Time with my girls the most precious gift.

I'm not quite sure where to start in catching up. There is oh so much goodness. I met Kelli. (here I go again, sad that that is over) We celebrated Christmas in July. (it's okay that that is over because we'll blink and it'll be Christmas again) And then there are so many photos of Music Man. I think I'll dive in to sharing all that as this week unfolds. Because I want to get all of my memories down here; so I don't forget.

I hope your summer is going so beautifully. We've been walking through this and it's hard for my sweet Mom. But she's doing it with grace and a smile. A true example to all of us.

Here's to a new week in front of us. This was last week.


This week it's a LOT more plain.

Cheers to summer.

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