Thursday, July 13, 2017


So much has changed since we first joined the pool club years ago. (here's a post from 2011; Abigail is now wearing that bathing suit Anna has on) I remember that Abigail was in the kiddie pool and if she was in the regular pool she was on my hip, being pulled around with me. Anna was just beginning to learn to swim with real swimmer strokes, and she was taking lessons all summer.

Now that Anna is 14 she doesn't even need to pass the "deep end test" like she has had to do each year. She's done with that! She's trilled, I can tell you!


Abigail is still learning but is doing so so well this summer. She passed the 4 ft test right away this summer, so she's allowed to be in the 3 & 4 feet without a grownup. she wears a special bracklet that makes her feel really good! Her strokes (from past lessons) are really really strong. She's actually a really good swimmer! On the day she took the 4 feet test, the lifeguard said she looked ready to to the deep end test, her strokes were that good. But it's a full lap lane and she can't quite make it the whole lane without stopping. So right now she's been practicing with daddy.


Like I said, so very much has changed since we were first members. I love to sit in the chair and watch Anna and Abigail play around in the 4 feet together.

I'm loving our time at the pool this summer. It felt like last summer we just didn't get there enough so when I turned the calendar to July this year, I scheduled in a bunch of swim mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Because when it's on the calendar, we go! And going is relaxing, fun, and good ol summertime good!

Preserve your memories,
Keep the well,
What you forget, you can never retell
~Louisa May Alcott

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