Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Days

Even with such a big big project going on in our house there are days and days that spill out in front of us. There is time to think and time to plan. There is time to play and time to dream. I adore this slower time of year oh so much. I think my favorite part is dinner time with the whole evening spread out in front of us. Lately the girls have been off playing while Scott and I are planning the next step to the new bathroom.

During the day the girls have been so helpful doing little things around the house with me. Our peg system (I explain it back here) changes up a bit in the summer, and for their "zone" the girls just help out. When something needs to get done, they have been more than willing to pitch in and help. I've loved this new attitude.

Abigail has loved pruning the flowers on the front steps.



And Anna has been vacuuming and dusting when we need it right along with me.


I like to do big projects in the summer. (1) the new bathroom (2) fill up a 2 ton dumpster with every thing from the house we can

But I also like to do little things like hand wash the hairbows. Into the warm, soapy water they go.


I have a large bin of hair bows in Abigail's room but these were the ones that used to hang in the girls bathroom (going down on ribbons) and they got quite dusty. Not anymore! I'm not sure I'll hang them in the new bathroom. We'll just have to wait and see.


Somehow the days roll into the weekends during the summer without a care. I don't LONG for the weekends like I do during the school year. No matter what is going on in our house or with any challenges we seem to face in the summer, this time is so precious because I spend my days with the ones I love. Making memories right in our own house.

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