Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2 ~ Hawaii ~ Catamaran, Finding Home, and a Storm is Coming

We started our day with Dole Whip right after breakfast for the girls.






The first day we woke up to bad weather news.  Tropical Storm Darby was headed to the big island of Hawaii.  I'm not sure how long Scott knew about the storm.  I think he held back telling me.  As soon as I found I, I checked texted my Dad.  It was only a text but it was reassuring just as it always is.  The storm was headed to Oahu, and then Kauai (the island we were headed to next week)

storm 4



Although it was supposed to hit later in the evening the sky already was cloudy and there was a certain "buzz" in the air among travelers .  We decided to do something that might be cancelled the next day due to high waves from the overnight storm.  Scott had booked this at home and we were really looking forward to it.  It was the perfect activity to lighten our 'storm coming moods'.
Catamaran on Waikiki 
The Catamaran was only a very short walk from our hotel down Waikiki beach.  Pulled up right on the sand.  We walked into the water and into the water, climbed on board and found our seats with the the Hawaiian sailors.

They told us that if we wanted to get really wet, to sit on the mesh net.  So I choose a regular seat (of course) while the girls and Scott chose the really wet part.

I really wish I could have taken my camera but since it was a wet ride we thought it better to capture the view from a phone.

Our catamaran ride started out very cloudy

catamaran 13

catamaran 5

Turned out to be a Hawaiian gorgeous day!

catamaran 14

catamaran 15

catamaran 12

catamaran 11

catamaran 10

catamaran 6

catamaran 1

Saturday 3pm

Right now the girls are swimming in the ocean, Waikiki beach with Scott. He bought them tubes. And I'm on the patio writing because I don't want to forget anything. Like this morning, our first breakfast at the Beach Club or our Catamaran. 10:30 am just steps from the Moana Hotel. We hopped on and I was so nervous... luckily Scott remembered to give Anna a Dramamine. The girls started on the boats net floor and loved it. But once we got past diamond head it got so choppy and the waves crashed over the girls. One so huge it knocked Abigail into Scott. I looked down and saw tears in her eyes so scared.

(Here is what fun we had and here is a big wave about to crash right over Abigail.)

The sailor guy picked her up and lifted her over to me. A little cuddle was in order for the rest of the trip. The rest was calm and wonderful. How lovely to see Waikiki from the ocean. Lovely indeed. Lunch at the Surfrider in our bathing suits. I ate the most delicious turkey wrap - so fresh when I crunched. Then Scott got the girls tubs for floating in Waikiki beach. Lovely day.

catamaran 9

catamaran 7

catamaran 8

And then after a while she was fine (but stayed up with me)

catamaran 3

Finding Home ~ Kaneohe

In the afternoon we relaxed in the lobby for a bit and then headed to another part of the island to find the home I lived in when I was seven.


Okay, I have to stop and tell you that in Hawaii (with the exception of one photos on the beach night) I wore not a drop of makeup. Nothing! And I didn't blow dry my hair (both of which I do at home every single day) So with that said...


Windy but still happy when Anna will take the camera for me so I can get one with this guy!


So easy! We found it. Because I had the address memorized since I was seven! Some things you never forget.


The girls jumped out of the car because I HAD to have one in front with my daughters!


A flood of so many happy childhood memories behind that gate. There is a patio behind the gate.  An outdoor shower (it's Hawaii, you need one to get off the sandy feet after the beach every day) And then there is a front door.  I wish I could go in to show you (or maybe my memory is better).  There is a kitchen to the right.  We had a kitchen table in there.  And it was open to the family room.  A sliding glass door to the backyard.  I can't picture the bathroom at all but I remember the two bedrooms off of the family room/hallway.  It was brand new when we lived there and just right for our family of 5 when we lived there.  I slept in a small bedroom with my brothers.  They were in bunk beds and I was in a bed.  The top of the sliders you see there lead to the master bedroom.  I remember trick or treating there (it was so warm, but drizzly that Halloween in Hawaii) I was a princess.  My Dad made a crown out of card stock.  He drew it and colored it with markers.  My Mom figured out a dress and added light blue tulle to it and made a wand.  I loved that costume!


I'm so glad my parents were so brave to leave everything and live there for a year!


And it was getting late but we found my school. There is a new front area on it and a new playground (thank goodness) but the outdoor hallways were exactly the same. I could pick out my hall, and both of my brothers.  (schools website)  My Mom just told me (but as soon as she did I remembered like it was yesterday) that my brothers and I got on the city bus with a dime to and from school.  We only had one car when we lived in Hawaii and my dad drove it to his school where he was a teacher so my Mom rode her bike to this school when she wanted to volunteer.


Dear Diary (9:00pm)

The girls and are sleeping and I'm sitting in bed (with tea) writing. They are oh so tired from a day of sun and swimming and sand that we can even have the light on in here. It was a full, full day taking in the beauty of this amazing hotel. Discovering all of it. After showers we had dinner at the Beach Club and then to the tron of Kanaoe about 35 minutes away. I found my 'old' house where I lived for a year. It looked almost the same. I felt an instant connection. And my school - Scott helped me find my school. It was sweet to see - a different time in my life. How adventurous my parent were at my age - younger.

They are saying a big tropical storm is coming tomorrow into Monday morning. But we will be spending the day with the Yogi's - so no problem at all - I still can't believe we're here. Dreams to come true! All 20 years of them. Night night!


  1. Not a drop of make up needed, my friend.
    Your beauty and happiness shine right through.
    Love love love you recapturing these memories and sharing them with your loves.

  2. I think finding your home is the best part of this post. I can imagine the flood of memories that came with the day. How wonderful!


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