Thursday, August 11, 2016

3 ~ Swimming in the Ocean, A Day with the Yogi's, and having fun in the Storm

So this was the day of Tropical Storm Darby. Except that when I woke up there were people on the beach and people swimming in the ocean. It was cloudy and it sure did look like a storm was going to roll in at some point. But it was still Hawaii for goodness sake.

So I got the girls up and out the door. And we spent the morning in the ocean riding the little waves.


The water was oh so warm, clean, and clear. And blue, such a pretty blue.


We all had so much fun!



Love her little legs kicking!



Then we showered, and we spent some time in the beautiful lobby while the Yogi's were on their way to pick us up.





Let's pretend that Abigail's eyes aren't closed in this one because I love it of Anna.


The famous front porch rockers at the Moana






We spent the afternoon at the Bishop Museum with the Yogi family. It was windy, really windy and we kept waiting for the huge storm. But no storm...






But then...

tropical storm Darby hit Oahu.

And our spirits sank just a little.  The forecast was bleak and it was wet weather for days and days after. We sat at our hotel thinking, really?  That's it?

storm 4

storm 5

The girls and I wrote in our diary while Scott checked and checked and rechecked the weather.

misc 4

And then something in Scott decided to take the lemons

storm 1

and make lemonade

storm 2

If you could see behind the girls it is pouring and windy like crazy. So we went shopping. We ran from one store to the next. And I so wish I snapped a picture of all of the storefronts with their sandbags up and shops sweeping away puddles out of their stores. It sure was something else.

One night was fine... but the weather called for rain for the next two days as well.

Dear Diary 6pm

Diary writers... I love that my girls are diary writers too. Poor Scott sitting here with 3 girls writing. All of us diary writing... swoon!

I woke up early this morning, around 4:00. Anna woke u Abigail but I got Abigail back to sleep. Then I walked quietly to breakfast... so lovely in the Beach Club! A croissant, hot tea, papaya, and eggs. The beach was quiet and I got towels so save beach chair for us! It's so humid in here the pages are curling.

It didn't take much convincing to talk the girls into a morning swim in the ocean. Clouds turned to sun and I could have stayed all day floating around. Love love love this precious time with my family.

I quick swim in the pool too - it's not possible to go from the beach to the room. Anna has 'this thing' about jumping in the pool.

Dressed and ready for the Yogi museum day.

Struggling right now with the weather. It's storming right now and Scott is down after looking at the 10 day forecast which shows rain for our entire Kauai visit. Ugh! It's pouring right now... awful. Can't even go shopping! Stuck inside on vacation... HORRIBLE! Stuck inside on vacation in Hawaii.. DEPRESSING!

(later I wrote)

And then it all so quickly turned around. Praise God! Thank you Lord for leading us to that shop where I started talking about the weather. And that Christan music, filled with beautiful girl dresses shop. The shop keeper put a tropical storm in perspective for me. Just some rain, just one night, not all about me.

It turned out to be such a fun fun night together!


  1. I feel like I am reading a book and when I come to the end of your post I am waiting for the next chapter to start.
    As I said before your hotel is beautiful!!


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