Friday, August 19, 2016

8 {More} Luau

This was our morning and our afternoon back here.

But this was our our evening.

Kalamaku Luau

Because when you travel to Hawaii you have to go to a Luau! And it was fun fun fun!

We pulled in and the cars where parked on a grassy field. Before we even opened the door we heard live music. Hawaiian music that set the mood. It was a bit misty rainy. But in Hawaii it sometimes only last a bit. There was a lei greeting.

collage 1

We found our seats and got drinks. (a word about Anna and her favorite drink while we were in Hawaii. Not that I could forget but just in case! She always ordered Pog Juice wherever we were. Passion, Orange, Guava. Loved it)

collage 2 3

And then we found our seats on the Kauai Plantation Railway


Abigail never looks at the camera, so we retook the picture only and I like it better now with Anna in the background anyway!





Then it was time for the food. And boy was it good! Abigail could only eat the pork but boy oh boy did she eat and eat and eat! Even after dessert was served and the show was beginning she kept eating. This was often how she looked. See the food on the end of her fork?


And wowza! These two with the very same look. Oh man I love them!


With my big girl. I was so happy that night to be where I was and to be together.


And then the show started.

collage 12 14

It was a beautiful story.


With beautiful hula.

collage 15 16

And amazing fire



I wish that I could have videoed some of it for you to hear. Because it was awesome!

collage 19


collage 21 22

collage 23 24

collage 25





Dear Diary,

The hike was super fun and I never expected such an amazing lookout. layers of colors in the ocean and such prettiness all around me.

The girls did super great and I would tell anyone who travels to Kauai to do that hike.

Lunch at Calypso on our way back in the fun, so Hawaiian town of Hanalei. It's charming old Hawaii and I love it there. Please, let's go back before we leave!

But back to get ready for the Luau. Short drive and the misty rain stopped just in time. Drinks, train ride through the plantation, bought the girls a turtle bracelet, and then time for dinner. The family at our table with 3 ground (20ish) children looked at us and said, "that's a great age". They were/are right. Anna's mouth hung open and Abigail was all gasps especially during the fire.

Is this trip for real?!?!


*** Yes, I see that these photos are super yellow and weird looking but it's 12:14 am and they'll have to wait until tomorrow, sorry about that ***


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