Tuesday, August 16, 2016

6 ~ A New Island

Before I go on, I forgot these two little clips from this day back here.

This was a bit of our drive to the photoshoot.

And I love this little one. This is us leaving the photoshoot that night. Abigail is walking (just as she does) ahead of me. She's carrying the 'sand globe' I talked about back here. Scott and Anna were with Heather getting everything to the car. I guess I was the slow one that night, not wanting to leave the beach and our evening there.

Now on to our travel day!

Our last morning on Oahu was sweet and we had to take a few pictures to capture it.

leaving 4

leaving 2

leaving 3

Then off to the airport we went!

Dear Diary,

Taking off this second for Kauai. Sitting next to Scott who is reading 'The Ultimate Kauai Guide Book'. He's our ultimate luggage packer, think througher, handle everything, take care of us. He's holding my hand right now, swoon.

It was hard to say goodbye to the Moana Surfrider. Now it holds extra special memories for us. It will always be our Honeymoon Hotel. The place where we were so young, just starting our journey, basking in newlywedness hotel. But now it's even more. It's our 13 and 9 sweet girls, first family time, ocean floaties, hair tied up, young (ish) family, bringing them to show them the magic, hotel. And I am one lucky gilr.

I love how Anna is taking care of everything on this trip. The perfect big sister so grateful for her sweet way with Abigail. Girls right now in front of me - just got their juices and I love their own little space, doing thisng themselves.

I'm looking forward to a peaceful being in Kauai - looking forward to a more relaxed part of our trip. When I asked Scott right now what he was looking forward to, he said, "adventure" (love him xo)

Time to relax on this plane and read my book. Bye!

When we got off the plane there was a a surprise for us. We were greeted so lovely with a lei and she even took a picture of us arriving in Kauai! My mom knows how to make us feel loved all the way from Connecticut!

arriving 3

When we arrived at the hotel we explored for a while and just relaxed!

arriving 1

arriving 2

We dropped off our things at our room.


And peeked out of the balcony to find the pools. I love the way that the mountains meet the ocean in Hawaii!



The courtyard was quite lovely.







Kauai is lush and green and paradise. My Mom says that "Oahu is like going home. And Kauai is paradise" She's right.



They had a toucan in the lobby and she just happened to have this dress on!


And swans and koi fish.


There were waterfalls, bridges, and paths.




But we really couldn't wait to take our place here.



As the afternoon turned into dusk a hula show began on the grass leading up to the beach.





The girls loved the bridge.


It was such a joy to have these two all to ourselves for two weeks. Watching moments like this.



  1. Tara...
    This trip is a dream!
    I am lingering over each photo just imagining the feeling you had lying there with your man, watching your girls in paradise.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you all had an amazing time!! So many blessings :-)


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