Friday, August 12, 2016

4 ~ Sunshine, Lei making, Veranda lunch, and a Photoshoot

Tropical Storm Darby was supposed to last through the next day. But we woke up to bright sunshine and the most beautiful day in Hawaii.

This a phone shot from the balcony.

phone 1

I felt so grateful for the rain being gone and the wind that stopped.  Oh, and the pink early morning sunshine.  I snuck down to breakfast they the girls and Scott slept.

I was so grateful that the sun was out and it was such a pretty morning.  Hawaii, just as it should be.

I loved my early mornings at breakfast and on the beach.

Dear Diary,
10 am 

The girls are swimming in the pool. Jellyfish warnings all over the beach. Just not worth taking the risk. Although we all miss it! Scott is off making lunch - on - the Veranda reservations. I can not wait! It is so very beautiful where I am sitting right now. In the sun, cool breeze, not at all hot, couldn't be more perfect. Just couldn't be.




I wish I could accurately describe what I see. I'm looking out over the pool deck. The Moana Surfirder Hotel is often described as the 'first lady of Waikiki'. It was built in 1901 and has a huge Banyon tree that has been here forever and is the center piece of the courtyard.


It is elegant here, oh so elegant. And sometimes I wonder how an elementary school principal and very part time reading tutor can be here. In some ways it feels like we have no business being here but in others, why not us? I think I'll go with that. God is so good.


The lobby is open and has wood floors, gorgeous couches and Hawaiian music playing throughout. There is ice cold watermelon elixir always available.


Huge rocking chairs overlook the main street under arched doorways.


Large white coloms throughout the large, lobby and a grand staircase that often has a bride and a photographer...


The small pool overlooks the ocean; bright blue with  green palm trees. When the sun glistens on the water it looks prettier than I could describe. I look at everything, take it all in, trying hard to hold on to each scene.


Gotta go... time for a walk on the beach.

After swimming in the pool and walking on the beach we showered and got ready for making our own leis on the veranda.











One of my favorites of Anna from this trip.



Love this one of Abigail just relaxing while Scott is pointing something out to Anna.



Do you see that white flower in between all of the orchids? The girls were told to put one after every 5 orchids. They are called tuberose and they are the scent of Hawaii. The orchids make the leis beautiful but the tuberose is what causes you to want to bury your nose in and keep it there all day. I spent the next week of the trip looking for a perfume I could take home called tuberose.


And then it was time for lunch on the Veranda. Okay, I have to tell you that I've been following the hastag of the Moana and their lunches and afternoon teas on their veranda for over a year. So to tell you I was over the moon about actually eating here myself would be an understatement. When Scott and I honeymooned there 20 years ago we for sure really couldn't afford lunch on the Veranda. So it was a must for us this time.


We were all quite excited. (oh, and the leis? Scott ran up to our room and put them in the frig for a photoshoot later that night)


I thought you'd want to see where we sat and what it looked like.


And the ocean looked just like this.


The exectutive chef had a meal prepared for Abigail. (more on the amazing chef later) (more on travling with her allergies back here) While we waited for food she wrote and wrote and wrote in her diary.



Abigail was served Filet Mignon and I loved my favorite meal from the trip.


Dear Diary,

This afternoon the girls made orchid and tuberose leis under the Banyon tree. I loved watching them. Anna was quick to catch on and loved it. Abigail, more cautious and careful and slow. Oh they smelled oh so so good! How I loved them participating in such fun! We ate lunch on teh Veranda - our first really fancy meal. Oh it was the most amazing risitto and snapper with so much taste. Loved, loved it! I wate every single speck of it. Have to make chicken on risotto when we get home. Maybe baked chiken would be lovely. Gotta go and get ready for the photoshoot. I'm kinda nervous!

(and even though the photo shoot was that same day I'll have to post it tomorrow... I WILL even though it's Saturday!)


  1. Ok. So, yes. Why NOT you?!?!?
    In fact, Soooo much you!!!!
    Love it all.
    But you know what I noticed most?
    You. With you hair all pulled back!


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