Monday, August 22, 2016

9 ~ Discovering the Falls, Enjoying the Pool, and Dinner Out

In Hawaii our days were long and our wonderful evenings went late.  So by day 9 it was time for a bit of a more relaxing day.  We knew we wanted our whole afternoon at the pool.  But in our morning we wanted to see some beautiful things in Kauai.

'Opaeka'a Falls

Spectacular really, just spectacular and a must see in Kauai.  There was no hiking involved so that was good.  We wanted the girls to have a restful day.  We almost felt guilty for such an amazing view without any work!  This is what the falls looked like.



Wailua River



My sweet travelers.

collage 5 6

collage 7 9

Anna often chose to wear a hat instead of sunscreen for her face.  And because I knew this I bought her a hat from here.  SPF built in

collage 8 11

Wailua Falls



collage 13 14



Ready for this?  As we were standing there this amazing rainbow appeared at the base of the waterfall.  Took my breath away.



Movies have been filmed here.  (like these)


and I can see why...



collage 22 21

It was hard to leave such a beautiful place but this was calling.


Dear Diary,

"Pretend it's morning and the sharks are all around us. "  (Abigail)  

The girls lost in their "world" in the pool right now.  So much fun for them, so happy for me.  

Today we drove to two waterfall lookouts.  (*looking up, watching the girls swim*)  

Kauai is like this:  you think you see the most spectacular view.  You stop the car - inadequately capture it on the camera (because there's no way to really capture it)  but then we drive to the waterfall.  Through the most isolated, windy road and there is a spot that you just can't believe exists.  (There was a rainbow at the base of the double waterfall)  

Lunch for our second time at Bubba's (because they have a non allergic hot dog for Abigail.  Double burger and onions for me.  Chilly and cheese dog for Anna.  So happy sitting up at the counter overlooking the ocean.  

Back at the pool and staying at the hotel for the rest of the day.  Ahhh. 

Gotta go swim with my girlies!  Bye! 

collage 27 24

Do you see them over there on the island?



And after a whole afternoon of swimming it was time for showers and dinner.



This restaurant was so wonderful, right on the hotel grounds.  We walked along the beach or the pool deck and there we were!


While we waited Scott and I talked, Anna relaxed and read.  Abigail wrote in her diary.  Sitting under a palm tree.


The hotel beach was simply beautiful.

collage 32 33

And Scott and Anna shared this Hula Pie for dessert.  They raced to see who got the last bite.


Our evenings on Kauai often seemed to end like this photo.  Anna with her dessert, me snapping one last photo, and Abigail looking really tired from a day of adventure.  So thankful for this restaurant.  We loved not getting in the car and just walking down the beach.  Bliss.  Vacation bliss.


And a couple of phone pictures from that day too!

falls 4

underwater 1

Underwater shots were so much fun! This one is my all time favorite!

underwater 2

underwater 3

But this one one Anna smiling underwater is pretty awesome too!

underwater 5


  1. The waterfalls, the rainbow, the pool...ahhh it's all so beautiful!


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