Wednesday, August 17, 2016

7 ~ Twenty Years Today July 28, 2016


It's hard for me to look back at this day in Hawaii because it is over and it was perfect.

There were a few things we planned for the day (the beach, our dinner reservations) and a few surprises too. It was beyond glorious in every way.

I have to stop and tell you that a wedding anniversary is a precious sweet day, as you know. It's a day on the calendar that makes you feel all butterfly(ish) and all lit up inside. There is a sparkle about that day on the calendar and a sparkle in our eyes too. Now it doesn't really matter if we spend that day in our old colonial in Connecticut or where we were this year. But I'll have to say that this place, Hawaii, was one very special place to spend our day.

Throughout the day we kept thinking, "oh, right now I was getting my hair done"

"Right now the limo had arrived." on and on throughout the afternoon. We tried to remember as many details as we could.

I kept looking at the time all day and telling our girls what we were doing at that very time 20 years ago.

But our wedding anniversary (for us) is really a celebration of our family. July 28, 1996 is the day that God knit this family together.  So we celebrate not just the wedding of the two of us but the WHOLE family (four of us) that God started on that day.  And it was wonderful to celebrate this day together.

We decided to spend our anniversary day in the ocean and this beach was really amazing.

Lydgate State Park (website here)


Two huge 'pools' of ocean water flowing in and out of rocks. The waves in the ocean were rough as you can see from the photo above. But the pools have protected water. They were both filled with fish. And the girls loved exploring in them.


This one on the left was more shallow.



I feel like I'd do anything for this day right about now (or maybe right about January!) Sun, sand, ocean water...





This was one day when I took my camera and put it safe and sound in the car so I could be there with them.


A few from the phone

anniversary 5

Love this one

anniversary 6

Love this boy

anniversary 3

Thanks Abigail for taking these pictures of us!

anniversary 6

After a day at the beach we drove into town to Bubba's Burgers. Best burgers ever! It's a Kauai thing. And honestly we ate there A LOT because they were able to cook a hot dog for Abigail that was allergy safe.

anniversary 1

And then back to our hotel for a quick pool swim and then ready for dinner.

Scott made reservations before we left for Hawaii at the Kauai hotel we stayed on our Honeymoon.


But he had a surprise up his sleeve before dinner. (and the girls were in on it without me knowing)

When we left for dinner he walked us up to a little arbor. It overlooked the pool at our hotel. Anna had my camera and the phone video going at the same time. And little Abigail stood in front of us. When I posted it on Instagram that night I wrote, "Surprise Vow Renewal" planned by my husband. And you can't see but he had that same sparkle in his eyes as he did exactly 20 years ago.

It was the sweetest, most enduring moment of our trip. And Scott was beaming. It was small but real to us. And it meant the world to me.

I thought you'd like to see it. (since Scott knew you would he planned ahead to video it)

Photo credit : Anna


A little close up of that photo because (a) my husbands smile (b) Abigail's "holy bible"




Just because I want to remember our joy that day.


Abigail took a few with my phone because she thought you'd want to see the vows she wrote with her daddy.

vow renewal 5

Sweetest thing in the world.

vow renewal 4

vow renewal 3

vow renewal 1

Dinner at...

Grand Hyatt Kauai (website here)

We stayed here on our honeymoon 20 years ago (one of the places) so we thought it fitting to have dinner here on our anniversary night. It is the most lovely hotel ever. And next time we are blessed to travel to Hawaii again we will stay here. It is truly magnificent!

This is the lobby looking out to the ocean. I can remember like it was yesterday sitting here sipping on pineapple juice when I was 23.



The winding fresh and salt water pools through the amazing grounds.





Don't you love when someone is kind enough to take your big camera and snap one of your family?



The most romantic restaurant on the planet.


Set above the water (feels like you're on the water), thatched roofs


Swans swimming by



Timed perfectly by my husband for the sky to look so pretty and for the tiki torches to come on.


anniversary 2

Dear Diary,
Happy Anniversary to Scott and I.  I woke up to such a happy, peaceful feeling.  How lucky are we?  Waking up to 20 years.  

Breakfast at Starbucks (non allergic oatmeal for Abigail) and then off to Ledgate Beach Park.  2 pools surrounded by the ocean. Such beautiful water.  The girls floated around on their floats and loved seeing the fish.  It was such a relaxing morning.  

But Bubba's burgers was too good to be true.  Sitting up at the stool overlooking the ocean was a spectacular way to have an anniversary lunch.  

Showered, dressed and ready for our Anniversary dinner the Grand Hyatt.  Except that when we were ready to leave Scott and the girls had a twinkle in their eyes.  And I knew something was up.  Scott drove and led us to a green up on the top part of the hotel.  We wore a lei and renewed our vows.  Anna videoed and Abigail read the words.  It was the sweetest moment and we stared deep into each others eyes.  It was genuine and real and I felt just the same as 20 years ago - except more complete with our girls.  

Dinner at TidePools.  How I loved walking through that resort.  I found where we sat and lounged 20 years ago.  Such a blessed time walking around.  TidePools is the most romantic restaurant on the planet with thatched roofs, walkways above the water.  Torches were lit and we relaxed with drinks, roils, specialty butter and gourmet meals.  It was the perfect Anniversary dinner.  

Tired girls - back to our hotel.  wonderful, wonderful night.  I'll remember this night for the rest of my life.  Praise God from whom all blessing flow... 


  1. The close up picture of the four of you is so great! The happiness you describe is just shining through! Happy 20th - what a way to celebrate!


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