Monday, August 29, 2016

11 ~ Last Full Day

I wasn't here on Thursday or Friday because our computer completely died.  Really!  But somehow my super busy husband fixed it.  Actually the last two weeks of August and the month of May/June for an elementary school principal is very stressful and takes every ounce of his attention.  I've always enjoyed these last two weeks because I know now that 'this is how it is' and that it's temporary.  So the girls and I take care of everything!  And I try to make our house and the little time that he is here relaxing for him.  I get to spend the last two weeks of summer lovin on my girls and soaking them in before they go back.  We tend to stay at home mostly.  I change around mantles for September and 'nest' here and there as we go through our day.  The girls play while I cook.  We all read on the couch together after lunch.  It's lovely.


the computer died.  So right in the middle of his busy weeks he backed everything up on external drives, took every single program off, deleted the entire computer and reinstalled each document, photo, program.  It took an almost 'all nighter' and every second he was home but it not only works but is lightning fast!  So I am back in business on this blog.

The summer is winding down and the first day of school is Wednesday.  I'm going to batch a bunch of photos together so that I can catch up a bit here.  Fall is just around the corner and I haven't posted a moment of our August!

So here is one of our last days in Hawaii.

We drove to Hanalei because we just didn't feel like we got enough time there on the day of the amazing hike!

(car diary writer)

misc 1




That famous lookout



little hula girl


Another reason we wanted to head back to Hanalei was to try to find our one of the places we stayed on our honeymoon. Finding places from 20 years ago sort of became a theme for Scott and I. The Moana on Waikiki, my old house, the Grand Hayatt on Kauai... This was a bed and breakfast called

Beach Bed and Breakfast

Located right on Hanalei bay, and steps from the town of Hanalei. We had the 'honeymoon suite' on the top floor and it was beyond lovely. If I dig though (someday I will) I can show you what it looked like inside. So beautiful!


anniversary 7

I couldn't resist one last picture of Hanalei as we drove out.


We stopped in Kappa again - this time for a last shave ice.



Anna loved these really creative shave ice stands we found.

shave ice 2

But Abigail not so much on this strawberry, kinda creamy shave ice. So Scott ate it!  When we got back to the pool at our hotel later in the day


and the girls were just swimming around, this is the look Abigail had on her face when Scott went for a walk into town and bought her a shave ice... just the way she liked it!


(love that without thinking about it, she's walking up those pool steps like a princess)


"thanks daddy...."





Anna enjoyed a surprise fresh cup of mango


and Abigail shared her last shave ice.


Scott decided that we need one Hawaiian drink while on vacation so he headed to get me a little something with a pineapple on the rim and Anna picked out her favorite juice, POG (passion, orange, guava)



We sat by the pool until the tiki torches came on for the night.



pool 3

"mama watch this"



Dear Diary,

We're leaving tomorrow. What a gift this vacation - this trip, this adventure has been. Today, our last full day in Hawaii we drove up to Hanalei and stopped half way to shop at Kappa. Scott bought me perfume.

We ate at Bubba's Burgers in Hanalei. Ran into a cool store to get Anna a mango smoothie. We shopped a bit more and just relaxed enjoying this town. Anna bought a sweater that is so soft! We drove an walked on the Hanalei peir and saw a fish flap after getting caught. It made us queasy. I took photos of Abigail doing the hula on the pier for Irish Dance (because she feels better when she's dancing)

I'm writing in bed while the girls are sleeping. Scott just brought up hot water for me to have my tea in bed. Boarding passes are all printed.

pool 2

pool 1

Spent the rest of the day at our pool, sunshine and clear water.

Scott surprised Abigail with shave ice (the kind she likes) and we had a Mai Tai... yum!

Dinner right there at the pool - wishing we found that little red restaurant sooner. I ate a yummy salad with fresh fish and Scott ate fish and chips. Anna, a loaded burger, oh, and Abigail (what she's eaten every day) a hot dog! (can't wait to cook for her when we get home... I doubt she'll want a hot do for a loooooong time)

Showers and packing all evening. I'm really gonna miss us all in one room. I know most people are tired of the sleeping arrangements on trip like these but I love love love it.

I don't want to go home.


  1. I feel like you are still there and I'm actually sad you have to leave to go home too! I think I need to book a Hawaii vacation because I've enjoyed seeing how wonderful your vacation went. Your photos are gorgeous and what amazing memories.

  2. Yay! I was so excited when I sat down with my coffee this morning & saw you posted some more about your trip ;) I'm so glad your computer is up & running now! Love Abigal's yellow & light aqua colored dress! And what I love even more are the smiles on everyone's faces! You can see the genuine happiness shining thru on their faces, your hubby walking up with the 2 drinks in hand & a smile! Anna & Abigal too.. Two sisters together having fun at the pool! I always find those spontaneous smiles, the kind where you are not standing & posing to capture that "perfect" picture are always the best ones cause you really are able to capture that moment & emotion that person is really feeling!! Well, off to read your next post!! I was excited to see 2 new posts this morning!! lol.. Such an amazing trip you & your family got to experience! You seriously are blessed!! I am not sure I will ever get to take a trip to Hawaii with my family but I am enjoying it vicariously through you & your story! Blessings!! Lisa aka (hot_coffee4lisa)


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