Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thursday Afternoon

I want to try to get down as many feelings as I can remember from that day.  There was busy~ness.  And exhaustion from being there late on Wednesday evening (dress rehearsal).  Scott was away Tuesday through Thursday afternoon so dishes were piled in the sink until after I got them to sleep.

But there was that feeling of anticipation, great excitement for the Thursday evening performance.

That afternoon when we got home from the day performance I tried to get Abigail to fall asleep.  I did all I could to make it possible.  An after lunch bath, jammies, shades down, Raffi, but she just couldn't sleep.  And that was fine.  I remember being eight the day of a show.

When she "woke up" we had a little party for her.  Sweet, and small, just something to mark the occasion of being in her first musical.


Anna and I went the week before to pick out a locket (the ultimate symbol of the musical Annie). Anna picked it out. Was so excited about it and for her little sister. She chose the font and what it would say on the engraving.


And Abigail was one excited eight year old about opening a present she knew was special.


Just because that box is so pretty.


She loved untying the ribbon. She loved the box in a box. She loved the tissue paper. And she loved the locket.



I have to find a sec to get a better picture of this sweet locket. It was sunny in the room. And I had the wrong lens on. And we HAD to eat, dress, and get to the show!!!

There is an A on the front. (A for Annie and A for Abigail)

On the back we decided to have it engraved Molly. Because I always want her to have her part close to her heart when she wears the locket. It was a big big big deal for her to get Molly. Not because of the lines or the singing. Without sharing too too much Abigail had a rough past year in school. We felt like her little confidence was beat down and by the end of the year she felt like she couldn't do anything right in school, wasn't smart, and was so behind she'd "never catch up". At the very end of the year I went in to school to hear her little reptile presentation and she was to timid and shy she could barely get the words out in front of the class. But then along came the summer and Molly was just what this little girl needed to find herself again.


Daddy brought home roses that afternoon.


Perfect, teeny, tiny celebration.


A quick mini dinner and some cake. We changed and we all headed off to the final performance. She was more excited than I'd ever seen her in her life. So happy that afternoon whizzing through all that had to be done. she was confident and beaming. And I was grateful. For it all.


  1. Such an exciting day! Love the locket and meaning as they what you had engraved. She is such a beautiful little girl...her eyes just light up when she smiles❤️

  2. Oh. Just oh.
    Her face. Her precious little face!
    And Anna helping her look at the locket.
    My heart!
    You and Scott are the most amazing parents.
    And I am so happy Molly could help Abigail see how very special and amazing she is. : )