Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Scott (the principal) challenged us this summer to read ten books in ten weeks.

The girls were excited.  I was excited for them.  This is not something hard for them.  They read all the time.  They already have their stack of books lined up for the summer.  I was thinking this was his way to make sure they pushed themselves a bit more than what is normal reading for them.  Or maybe it was a way to keep track of their reading and self assess throughout the summer.

Perfect!  I love a plan with an end goal in mind.  Especially in the summer.

But, guess what?  It's for ALL of us!  I like to read but 10 books in 10 weeks is waaaay more reading than I do naturally.  I like to create the environment for my girls to read.  I love catch up on a few house projects (like this... which isn't really a little house project... it's an all consuming summer take over project).  I like to bake even more.  And cook and plan meals.  I like to move tea cups to new spots and on different trays and think, "oh, that looks good".  And the books I like to read are informational books like from this post back here.  I like my hour in the Bible each morning.  "loosing myself in a fiction book" (as Scott says I need to do) sounds awful to me.  I like to stay on task, check off my to do list.  Relax by sweeping the floor.

But I'm in.

I'm picky about what I watch and what I read.  I don't want to be but I get yucked out easily.  So Scott suggested that I ask Anna for a book recommendation.


So yesterday afternoon this was us.

(she already told me I wouldn't like this one... so it's not my number two this summer)


And guess what I love Wonder.   I love that Anna read if just before me so we can talk about it.  I love that I know she "got lost" in these same pages.  So I feel like I have a little peek into her thoughts.

This 10 books in 10 weeks might actually be something I like; for me too!


  1. Love this! We have been taking 1 hour out each day to read. We each have a day to pick where we will read....some days in a bedroom, or in the back. today was my day and I picked on the couch and guess what I fell asleep while reading.

  2. I think that's amazing at her age she is recommending books for you!


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