Thursday, July 23, 2015

Aww Gee

I thought this was it... really I did. Till I found these few clips on my phone. I "just gotta" (as Annie would say) get them here. So Abigail can see them someday.

And I'm sorry that my blog has been Abigail heavy and Annie heavy too.  I do have another beautiful daughter and we are doing other things this summer... and a bunch of nothing too.

This is just a week and half into the production. My little Molly was still learning the lines. But oh boy I love hearing those girls belt out that song!

My Dad saying, "smile, smile!"

This one is only the third day when they still hadn't figured out the parts.  They were just teaching them the dances to see who might be who!

Just learning it...

And this is checking online the day the parts were listed.

About two weeks in...

This is the preshow that happened in the lobby as everyone else was backstage.  Super fun!

Dress Rehearsal (and oh what a fix, no peppermint sticks)

Dress Rehearsal bows

And last Friday we had a "take down the set" day and a party after.  This is the last few moments of Annie magic!  Abigail loved the choreographer!

And that's it... it's a wrap!

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