Thursday, July 16, 2015


My Dad has been directing children's Musical Theatre for 42 years. Each year he produces a HUGE show that lasts most of the school year. It culminates into one amazing show. Well, actually there are six performances, I think. And each summer he directs a smaller, quick show that he can get up and going in less than four weeks.

When I was growing up I was in ALL of his summer shows. And this summer Abigail wanted to be in one of "grandpas shows". So we said, sure!

I thought she'd be scared up there and oh so quiet. I thought she'd make a cute orphan and be 'just' an orphan. But on the first three days the kids 'try out' (everyone gets to be in it... tryouts are just to see who is who for the show) my Dad sat down next to me, pointed to the stage, and said, "look at your daughter".

She had expression. She sang and danced her heart out.

And so she got the part of Molly. MOLLY!

Molly has lines! Molly wears a microphone! Molly sings solo lines in songs! Really? We were so excited to watch her over the past month grab onto the challenge and joy of becoming "molly".





Tonight is the big performance and we are over the moon to see our girl up there! MOLLY!


  1. Go Molly! My daughter always sang and when she got in high school, it was hard to find her place. She tried out for Musical Theatre and got the role of Sandi in Grease. My shy little girl on stage was unbelievable. No one could believe the character she turned into in the end. She went on to win State Best Actress in One Act. She sang and traveled in college. Start them out when they are young. You already know that! How much fun is this!Break a leg Molly!

  2. Thought about you all last night!!!!!!
    Can't wait to hear all about it!!!
    P.S. Love your Daddy. : )

  3. This is oh so sweet! I bet you were beaming with pride the entire performance :)