Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Lunches

This summer I decided that it would be fun to have the girls each take one day and cook lunch for the family on that day throughout the summer. They love to help me cook and I'm not always the most patient with extra help in the kitchen. You know... I can do it faster, better, easier without extra hands. So it sort of feels like this way they finally get 'in there'. They are responsible for going through their choice of cookbooks, making the shopping list and then when it's 'their day' they cook! And oh has it been fun. I'm in the kitchen with them but really they've been showing so much independence! It's been a joy to see them so happy cooking!

This is Abigail's first day. She choose a recipe from her 'elecare' (formula for her EE) I whispered to Anna that she didn't really have to drink it but to make her feel good about it. But it ended up being pretty good!



Love her face when the blender started!


Sprinkling cinnamon on top!



And then she made this yummy dessert.  Hand dipped chocolate cones.  So so good!



When it was Anna's turn she choose breakfast for lunch (my favorite)  and this berry pancake recipe!



 A great flipper for sure and they were golden brown on the outside and full cooked on the inside.


She was even able to realize that with our pancake lovin family we'd need to tipple the recipe so there to be enough!


It's been such a fun summer with my girls. I look forward to it all year long and love just being with them. The 'nothing special' days are my absolute favorite!

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