Friday, June 20, 2014

Stop and Smell the Roses


It was perfect for the first day of summer.  We usually go two weeks earlier in the season but we were swamped.  And even though the roses are on their way out I was more relaxed.  We weren't on a time clock; we weren't rushing off to somewhere.  I didn't have to hurry them.  And that's better, right?  It sure felt right.


She's got that relaxed look of summer in her face doesn't she?


We have the whole, long summer in front of us... like a gift.  It's the kind you want to unwrap so slowly.  Untying the ribbon instead of just tugging it off the package.  I suppose when you start in a rose garden the ribbon stayed on just a little bit longer.


We have a lot going on this summer.  We have a lot of time this summer.  I know, it doesn't make sense.  As long as the summer is I'm still me and once in a while I still get that stressed out feeling.  My summer to do list opens in my head even though I don't want it to.  Gotta get Abigail swimming, for real this summer.  Scott should we sign her up for lessons here or lessons there?  We should take the training wheels off her bike, right?  Oh maybe just a summer longer...


We've got house projects going on on every floor of our house... all at the same time.  And this mama likes and needs everything in it's place.  It feels like we're tackling ten years worth today.  There are paint cans out, drills, saws, you name it.


But if I stop and look at through 'rose colored' glasses I am excited that all of this if finally getting done, that Scott is home with us until July 7th.  And that we're a family.

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There is a huge photography project that I took on that is looming.  With deadlines.  That to do list pops into my head again.  But summer is long, the roses are here, and no matter what I will stop with them and smell the roses.


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  1. What a beautiful place and your pictures oh my! Please come to California and take some family pictures of us. :)
    I am happy you are your summer and taking it slow. I found when my kids were younger I tried to do as much a possible now I want to take it slow and make summer last as long as possible.
    Have a wonderful Monday my friend!