Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Simple Things

Happy Summer friends!  We have such messes in our house right now.  I didn't think you'd believe me so I thought I'd give you a tour...

My sweet little mud room looks like this constantly with Scott doing so many house projects.


Cherries in a blue strainer just because red and light blue are my kitchen colors.


Planting... still


Carpet Removing... see that big bag of yuck?  Would you believe that I dust and sweep around it.  Scott laughs at me telling me to just wait until all the mess is gone!

collage 6 8

Getting all of those staples out is a lot of work!


The backyard at dusk is my favorite time of day. I'm looking out the girls bathroom window where I give them a bath each night.


Big trees and pretty sunsets make me smile


Real life photos, not staged... will always have a hose in them this time of year and another flat of annuals waiting...


My regular summer decorations are not up this year because of all of the projects... but in a few weeks when the dust has settled. But I must have at least one banner.


But everything is coming along so pretty now.  The flowers this year are so pretty!

collage 2 3

And my arbor is such a delight to see from the kitchen window!

collage 9

Cold and winter seem like a lifetime away. We are so enjoying (even through the working) this glorious time of year!


  1. Love your simple things,Tara...
    And I had a dream last night!
    Clear as day...I drove up to visit you!
    I was visiting with you and the girls in your living room...
    It was so real! : )

  2. tell billie jo to plan it for july and it will be a party!!!:)
    love the colander shot right in the middle of the "chaos!":) beautiful! and i can't see red and blue (perfect shades of both of course) without thinking of you!!!:)
    the messes are nutty right? but they pass and the beauty takes over! can't wait to see it all!!
    and hats off to scott!!! he's working HARD!!!:)
    have a happy day tara

  3. I too have such a hard time when project are being done and my home is not how it should be/how I like it to be.
    Ok and I want in on the July party with Billie Jo and Cindy ;)
    Love your summer banner. I love banners and you always have such cute ones. Did you make this one?
    Have a happy Thursday!


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