Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Mess Gets Bigger Before It Gets Better, right?

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Abigail... that is exactly how I'm feeling right now!

We are living right now in a huge mess.  Our summer house projects have taken over and as always with this kind of thing it's more than we thought.  Even Scott who calms me down about this stuff said, "our house is a disaster."  And Anna wrote to a pen pal saying, "our house looks like a junkyard nailed to the floor and walls."  Oh well...


But it'll be so worth it.


I can't wait for clean, organized, and shiny again.  Where bedroom castle tables aren't in my dining room.


Scott is working non stop and I am starting to take things down for the floors to start to be sanded on Monday morning.  All my sweet dishes, cups and mugs are going to the living room in a corner.

Together Scott and I moved all of our (very heavy) bedroom furniture into Anna and Abigail's room for the next week or so.   So the girls are camping out in the playroom which is summer fun for them!


We chose a pretty light blue for our bedroom (my all time favorite color) and I'm looking forward to changing over the golds and coffee colors for all crisp whites.  Ahhhh...


So living in the mess right now will have a silver lining... and I'm counting the days.



One of (and there are millions) great things about children is that they just keep living life.  They don't seem to care what is going on around them.  It's summer and they are enjoying it... all of it!

Especially this one in the early morning.  I love when she comes outside in her nightgown and pink cowgirl boots to find me watering the grass and flowers.  It's sweet time.  (on this day she got all dressed first) 

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This might be my favorite summer photo!




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  1. I know what you mean. Our home is an extension of me. It's where I be a mom and wife. When the home is topsy turvy, I'm topsy turvy. We are having new wood floors and carpet placed throughout the upstairs and staircase in 10 days. (Scream). Read that as a nervous/excited scream.

  2. Hang in's going to look great when everything is done!

  3. Ok that last picture of is adorable! She is such a cutie.
    By the way I love the color you picked out for your room...Light blue is my favorite color.


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