Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Painting the Fence

We have some huge house projects going on this summer ... have I mentioned that yet?  Not big money... but big on time and some serious elbow grease from all of us.  (okay, all Scott... I'm just the picture taker and the meal cooker, and the laundry folder, and with the girls.... I have the better end of the deal for sure!)

With Scott working from sun up to past sun down using this vacation days we decided to put the girls to work on painting the arbor of our fence.  And how they did love it!

"Girls, go put on some clothes that you can now call your painting clothes.  Clothes that the paint will not wash out."

Well, when Abigail came down with these painting overalls on I knew I needed to grab my camera.  (I adore those pink overalls and sad that they're now painting clothes... but how cute she is in them sure makes up for it)

(fair skin coated in sun screen... don't worry) 


Do you know the musical Tom Sawyer? One of my favorites that my Dad has directed and produced for middle school children over and over...


And ya get that deep down, inside, satisfaction... gratifying... satisfac...



Ya call this work, well aint that funny... we aint doin this for money. Heck it a regular privilege to be occupied, it's a source of pride.



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  1. we'll be playing around that arbor in no time!!!!:)
    love tom and that clip was great!!
    beautiful light shining on your girlies!:)
    have a happy day