Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dating You Eight ~ Christmas in May

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow


This date was oh so much to plan! How I do love Christmas, even in May! I got to Christmas shop, bake, and wrap without any of the stress! A few decorations, my Christmas jammies and Christmas music on and we had a party. Scott was so excited when he opened his date card (swoon) For the first time I didn't give him his date card ahead of time. He had to wait until this night. I was holding the mistletoe up as he opened his envelope!

The date card looked like this...

3 collage

And the table looked like this...






There was present opening...


Christmas cookie eating while Christmas movie watching...

And of course what's a date without a little of this... Me Merry!

7 collage

My favorite date so far! For sure... I adore Christmas!

Just in case you're lost on why we're celebrating Christmas in May... here's the link to the beginning.... 


  1. I adore you!
    This is amazing...
    You are my hero. : )
    I hope Steve doesn't see this...
    I am a slacker!

  2. You are so fun Tara. I have been collecting information from you date nights....Ray's birthday is in June!! We still need to chat...just wish we could do that in person.


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