Monday, May 26, 2014

The After Birthday... Birthday

If I don't put them here in my blog journal I'll loose them forever.  This space is my memory keeper.  Dates, thoughts, feeling, photos... it all goes here.  And I can't skip her "real" birthday!

Which took place on a Sunday... so special to me to have Mass on your birthday.  After Mass I sort of wanted to avoid the monster sized mess that was left from her party the day before so we went straight to the Green tea house on the way home from Mass.  We all got some tea and Abigail loved walking around tasting the samples.

Gift opening time at home.  All of the gifts from her mermaid party.




Such a fun game... we love cooperative games where we all win... no tears!  They even added on to the game with their own 'game extension'.


I decided we'd end the her birthday with three little cards hidden under her covers. A little last surprise as she got into bed. (one from each of us)




Daddy had another surprise!




It was a happy night... one I'm sure was filled with mermaid dreams.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of her special day. I love the first picture. Juliana will be 7 in July..... I did not know where the time has gone.